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3 is.

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Q: What number is three fourths of four?
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What is three fourths of a number?

Three fourths of a number is the same as 75 percent of a number. To find three fourths of a number, multiply the number by 0.75.

What is the mixed number for three and three fourths?

three and three fourths- 3 3/4 is already a mixed number the other i think you might be looking for is 13/4- thirteen over four

What is the answer to four times six and three fourths?

The answer to this question is 18 and three fourths.

How do you convert three-fourths into a whole number?

You cannot convert three-fourths onto a whole number.... it is a fraction, indicating that some item has been divided into four parts and you are dealing with three of them. You can convert three-fourths of a known number into another (smaller) number by dividing the known number by 4 and multiplying the result by 3 - so that three-fourths of 120 would be calculated as 120 / 4 = 30. 30 x 3 = 90..... so 90 is three-fourths of 120.

What minus two and three fourths equal four whole?

six and three-fourths

How many three fourths are in three?


What is an equivalent decimal to three fourths?

Three fourths = three divided by four = 0.75

What is four and one fourths plus three and two fourths?

7.75 OR 7 3/4 OR seven and three-fourths

What is four and three fourths divided by one fourth?

Four and three fourths divided by one fourth = 19/1 or 19.

What is 12 out of 16 as a percentage?

Divide each number by four, and you get three-fourths (3/4).

By what fractional part does four-fourths exceed three-fourths?


Three fourths of a certain number is 15 more than one fourth of a number what are the numbers?

Fifteen is three-fourths of what number?

What is 1 fourth plus 3 fourth's?

one-fourths + three-fourths = four-fourths = one whole

What does three-fourths plus three-eighths plus four-fourths equal?

Seventeen eighths or two and an eighth.

What is four minus three fourths?

three and one-forth

What is four and three fourths in a decimal?


What is four and three fourths in decimals?


Is three-fourths equal to four-fifths?


What three fourths of twenty four?


What is three fourths of four hundred?


What is three fourths of sixty four?


Are three fourths and four fifths equal?


What is four and three fourths in decimal?


Is three fourths greater than four tenths?

three fourths is greater Yes, it is. 3/4 > 4/10 Three fourths is 87.5 percent greater than four tenths.

Is four and three fourths in between four and a half and 5?


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