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Q: What number is twelve greater than 9?
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What number is twelve times greater than 9?

It is: 9 times 12 = 108

Is the single digit number greater than 9?

There is no single digit number greater than 9. After 9 is 10, which is a double-digit number.

What is greater -9 or -1?


How much greater is three quarters of twelve than two thirds of twelve?

One. As three quarters of twelve is 9, and two thirds of twelve is 8. :-)

What is twelve less than the quotient of a number and 7 is -2?


When rounded to the nearest whole number which decimals which decimals round to 9?

any number (less than 9) that is greater than or equal to 8.5 rounds to 9, and any number (greater than 9) that is less than 9.5 rounds to 9.

You are greater than 36 and less than 70 One of your factors is 9 you are an even number What number are you?

The number is 54. It is greater than 36 and less than 70. One of its factors is 9 and it is an even number.

Is 9 bigger than -9?


Is 9 a natural number?

9 is a natural number, as is any whole number greater than zero.

What is a number that has more than 9 factors?

60 has twelve factors.

What is a greater number than 6 but divisible by 3?

9 is greater than 6 and divisible by 3.

What is an integer that is greater than 9?

10 is greater, but so is every other number greater than10!

What is the number if 9 less than the product of the number and -4 is greater than 7?


Is 9 greater than 9.6?

No, 9.6 which is 9 and 6/10 is greater than 9

What fraction is greater that 1 over 11?

Any number that is greater than 9%.

Six times a number is 35 greater than the opposite of the number. What is the number?


What whole number is greater than 9?

10- through the last number

Which number is higher .9 or .7?

.9 is farther from 0 on the number line in the positive direction than .7. Thus, .9 is higher (or greater than) .7 Alternatively, .9-.7 = .2, a positive number. Since the difference is positive, the first number must be greater than the second

Whole number greater than 10 but les than 20?

There are 9 of them.

Is -9 greater than -1 on a number line?


What is the smallest palindromic number greater than 9?


What number is 100 times greater than 9?


Is -0.45 greater or less than 9 over 20?

-0.45 is a negative number. 9/20 = 0.45 which is a positive number. Positive numbers are always greater than negative numbers, so -0.45 is less than 9/20.

What is a multi digit number?

A number with more than one digits: that is, an integer greater than 9.

You are a number cubed you are greater than 20 but less than 50 you are a multiple of 9 what number are you?


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