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45*45 = 2025

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Q: What number make up a square number of 45?
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Which two square numbers will add up to make 45?

9 and 36

What two square numbers are add up to 45?

x2 = 45take square root of both sidesx = positive and negative square root of 45x = + and - 3√(5)Improved Answer:-9 and 36 are square numbers and they add up to 45

What does number of people per square mile mean?

The number of people per square means how many people make up the population every square mile. This is called population density.

What three numbers add up to 45?

45 is my factor i need four number by multpling to get to 45

What 3 number add up to 45?


What is the largest perfect square factor of 45?

I suggest you try to split the number up into prime factors. It should then be clear what the largest square factor is - simply look for repeated prime factors.

How many bones make up the back?


Is 132 a square number?

No 132 is not a square number because every number up to 132 times its self does not equal 132 and a square number is a number that is a multiple of 1 number times itself so 132 is not a square number.

What prime numbers make up 45?

3 x 3 x 5 = 45

What decimals can you add up to make 9?

you can add up 8.44 and .45

How many 1 square centimeters make 1 square meter?

10000 square centimeters make up a single square meter.

What shapes make up a square?

A square can be drawn with four lines.

How many tablespoons make up a square?

There is no square relevant to tablespoons.

What is the 2 square numbers that add up to 45?


What angle make up a square?

A square has 4, 90degree angles. There are 360degrees in total in a square

What number should be added to a number to get a perfect square?

Because numbers are infinite, there is an infinite number of answers. e.g. What number should be added to 2 to make a perfect square? 2+2=4 (a perfect square) 2+7=9 (a perfect square) 2+14=16 (a perfect square) 2+23=25 (a perfect square) etc... Did you have a specific number in mind.

How many rectangles make up a square triangle?

there is no such thing as a square triangle

What particles make up the atomic number on a periodic table?

the number of protons make up the atomic number

Will you end up with a square number when you add together any square number?

Not every time. For example 32+42=25 (52) but 22+32=13 (not a square number)

How do you make metang evolve into Metagross?

level it up to 45 and it will evolve

What is the smallest number that can be divided into 45 to come up with the prime factorization?


What 3 prime numbers make up 45?

3 x 3 x 5 = 45

Which two square numbers add up to another square number?

9 + 16 = 25

What are the five faces that make up a square pyramid?

One square and four triangles.

How many square miles of land make up California?

158,648 square miles