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7 x 7 x 7 = 343

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Q: What number multipled three times itself equals 343?
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What number multiplied 4 times by itself equals to 81?

The number is three.

What number multiplyed by itself three times equals 1456?


What number times itself three times equals to 1456?


This is a number that when multiplied by itself three times equals a given number?

The number is called a "cube root"

A number times itself plus 1 equals 10?

That would be 3 (THREE)

What number three times itself equals 96?

32 ! Without the aid of a calculator !

What is a three digit number that when it is multiplied by itself in reverse equals 100147?

731 and 137

What mixed number when added to itself three times equals 10?

3 1/3

This is a number that when multiplied by itself three times equals a given number.?

It is a cube number as for example 3*3*3 = 27 which is a cube number.

Is two over three the same as a whole?

No. 3/3 would be a whole, because 3/3 equals 1, and one is a whole number. If a number is over itself, it equals 1.

What times itself 3 times equals 27?

Approx 2.2795 A number multiplied by itself three times gives the fourth power, NOT the cube.

What is a number when multipllied by itself three timea equals a given number?

If the number is x, then the number multiplied by itself three times would be x4 ... so if the "given number" is y, then y = x4 and thus x is related to the "given number by x = y1/4 i.e. the quartic or fourth root of 4.

What is two thirds multipled by three?

2/3 x three = two.

What times itself three times equals 343?


One more than three times a number?


The number of feet equals the number of yards?


What divided by four equals three?

The mathematical answer to the question what number divided be four equals three is 12.

Why does 9 cubed equal 9 to the power of three?

because when you cube a number you are multiplying itself by itself by itself which is the same as to the power of three.

What is the cube root of a number?

The cube root of a number is a bit like the square root, except 3 instead of 2. What number times itself three times equals that number? For example, 2 is the cube root of 8 because 2x2x2=8 Consider a number n multiplied by itself three times. n x n x n = n^3 n is the cube root of n^3.

A number multiplied by three equals 21 Find the number?


What number multiplied by itself 4 times is 81?

The number is three.

The sum of 6 and three times a number equals find the number?


Three more than half of a number equals ten What is the number?


What is three sevenths of a number if it equals 21?


What are the lowest multiples of three?

The lowest multiple of any number is the number itself.