Is two over three the same as a whole?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. 3/3 would be a whole, because 3/3 equals 1, and one is a whole number. If a number is over itself, it equals 1.

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Q: Is two over three the same as a whole?
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Is two over four the same as a whole?

No, it's a half

What are three whole and positive numbers that have the same answer who are multiplied together and when they are added together?

one, two, and three

Is two over three equal to six?

no. against a whole it would be .666---- but it depends what it is two thirds of

How do you find the answer to 12 divided by two-thirds?

12 divided by two over three is the same as twelve multiplied by three over two so the answer is 18.

How is three fourths larger than two thirds?

three fourths is the same as 9 over 12 two thirds is the same as 8 0ver 12 9 over 12 is greater than 8 over 12

Explain why one over two equals one whole?

One over two does not equal one whole. Two over two equals one whole.

What was the whole idea of the Three Branches of Government?

The purpose was to keep the other two branches in check. This way all branches have the same amount of power and cant take over the U.S.

Is two over three an integer? integer is a whole number like 1,2,3 etc2/3 is not an integer

What are three synonyms for homograph?

Bob and Lisa are fighting over if two or to are the same definitions

What is the whole number of one over two?

There is no whole number. One over two = 1/2

What fraction is equivalent?

An equivalent fraction is the same part of a whole.Example: would be two over three and EIGHT over is equivalent(same as) to another fraction or whole numberAn equivalent fraction is one that is a multiple of the original. 1/2 is equivalent to 2/4.a equivalent fraction is when the value is the same but the numbers don't look the same

What is two over three plus four over six?

its two over three