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40 oz in 5 cups and 128 oz in a gallon

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Q: What number of oz equal to 5 c?
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What is 6 c 7 fl oz-4 c 5 fl oz?

6 c - 4 c = 2 c, 7fl oz - 5 fl oz = 2 fl oz therefore the answer is 2 c 2 fl oz

What is 5 c 3 fl oz plus 3 c 6 fl oz?

It is 9 c 1 fl oz.

What is 5 c 4 fl oz - 4 c 3 fl oz?

The answer to this problem is simple: First, convert 5 cups to fluid ounces and 4 cups to fluid ounces. Then add 4 fluid ounces and 3 fluid ounces together with the converted fluid ounces of 5 and 4. Now, you do the math! Hope this helps!

How many 40 fl oz equal c?

8 fluid ounces is a cup; so 1/5 of 40 fl oz equals one cup.

5 c 6 fl oz fl oz?


Is 96 fl oz greater than 13 c?

is 96 fl oz grater or less or equal than 13 c

6 c equals how many fl oz?

That is about 1/5 of a fl oz.

Is 5 c bigger than 45 fl oz?

No, it is not.

Which is greater 30 fl oz or 3 c 5 fl oz?

3 fl oz is greater.

How many cups in 29 oz of rice krispies?

This must be ounces by volume: If that is that case, then it is: 29 oz * 1 C/8 oz = 3 5/8 C OR If this IS by mass, and is a huge recipe, then it is: 29 oz * 1 C/1 oz = 29 C

Is 74 fl oz equal to less than or greater than 8 c?

74 fl oz is greater.

How many cups of tuna in a 5 oz can?

0.62 c

40 fl oz equals blank c?


How many cups are in a 5 oz can of tuna?

0.62 c

Which is bigger 74 fl oz or 8 c?

74 fl oz are equal to 9.25 cups That means that 74 fl oz are larger.

A number c decreased 9 is less then or equal to 2o find c?

c is less than or equal to 29

How many cups of peanut butter equal 12 oz?

1 1/2 c

What is five minus c equals three what does c equal?

5 - c = 3 c = 5 - 3 Therefore, c = 2

What temperature is 5 degrees C on the Kelvin scale?

5 °C is equal to 278.15 °K.

How do you change a mixed number to a imprper fraction?

A mixed number of the form AB/C, as an improper fraction, is equal to (AC + B)/CA mixed number of the form AB/C, as an improper fraction, is equal to (AC + B)/CA mixed number of the form AB/C, as an improper fraction, is equal to (AC + B)/CA mixed number of the form AB/C, as an improper fraction, is equal to (AC + B)/C

How much is 3 oz of cream cheese?

1 oz. is equal to 2 tbsp. or 1/8 c. So, 3 oz. of cream cheese is 1/4 c. plus 2 tbsp., 6 tbsp., or 3/8 c. I hope that helps.

How many degrees F is equal to 37.3 C?

37.3 *C is equal to 98.96 *F. [*F] = [*C] x 9/5 + 32 [*C] = ([*F] - 32) x 5/9 9/5 = 1.8 5/9 = 0.555...

What is the highest number roman numerial c can make?

C is equal to 100

How many oz are in a c?

there are aproximentley 12 oz in a c.

What does 5 Fahrenheit equal in Celsius?

-15 C