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The easiest way to solve this problem is to turn it into an equation. The problem poses two unknowns which can be written as x and 1/4x (or 0.25x). We are told that the sum of x and 0.25x (=1.25x) = 560, so now we have an equation we can solve:

1.25x = 560 ; now we divide both sides by 1.25 to get the value for x

x= 560/1.25

x = 448

(1/4 of 448 = 112; 448 + 112 = 560; QED)

Another way to solve this is to see the figures as percentages:

x = 100%

560 =125% (from the question we know that 560 is 1 1/4 times x, 1/4 is 25%)

x = 560 x 100 ÷ 125

x = 448

(1/4 of 448 = 112; 448 + 112 = 560; QED)

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Q: What number plus one fourth of itself equals 560?
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