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Q: What number squared equals 225?
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Related questions

Is 225 a sqare number?

Yes it is... 15 squared equals 225.

Is 225 squared rational?

Yes, 225 squared is a rational number.

What 3 numbers equals 225?

There is only one number that equals 225. The number is 225.

Is 225 a squared number?

Yes, 225 is 15 x 15.

What is 15 to the power of 2 equals?

15 to the 2nd power or 15 squared equals 15 * 15 which equals 225.

What number mulitply by what number equals 225?

15 x 15 = 225

What squared numbers when rounded to the nearest hundred equals 200?

169, 196, 225

What is greatest square factor of 675?

It is 225, which is 15 squared.

What number squared equals 110?

The number than when squared equals 110 is the square root of 110 = ±10.488 (3dp)

Which positive rational number when squared is equal to 225?

It is 15.

Is 15 Squared a Whole Number?

YES. 15 squared which is 225 is a whole number.

What is the square of 15 to the second power?

15 squared is 15 x 15 which equals 225.

What number squared equals 30?

5.477225575 squared equals 30.

Is 225 a square number?

Yes. Any number that is the result of a whole number multiplied by itself is a square number. Since 15 squared (152) = 225, the square root of 225 is 15.

What number squared equals 65.61?

8.1 squared = 65.61

15 squared ends in 225?

15 squared is exactly 225.

What number multiplied by itself equals 225?

It is: 15 times 15 = 225

What whole number equals the square root of 225?


What does the number 1 squared equal?

one squared equals one.

Can the number 1 be squared?

Yes and the answer is 1 squared equals 1

What is the geometric mean of 45 and 5?

First you have to set up a proprtion. 45 over x equals x over 5. Then you get x squared equals 225(45*5). Finally you have to find the square root of 225 which is 15.

Two numbers that's do not equal each other but the first number squared equals the first number and the second numbered squared equals the first number and they do not equal zero or one what is number?

"First number squared equals the first number". This must be 1, but "they do not equal zero or one". No solution possible.

What are squared numbers?

a number multiplied by itself equals the square number. Example; 4 x 4 = 16 4 square equals 16. 16 is the squared number.

What number mulyiply by what number equals 225 and is a prime number?

3 x 3 x 5 x 5 = 225

What number squared equals 76?

The number that when squared = 76 is the square root of 76 which is ± 8.7178 (4dp).

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