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The number is negative 852.

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Q: What number subtracted from 30 leaves 7 more than 35 of 25?
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What does less than three mean?

It means any number from that is to the left of 3 on the number line. It is any number which, if subtracted from 3 leaves a positive answer - however small that may be.

If 4 is subtracted from twice a number. The result is 10 less than the number.?

The number is -6.

What least number must be subtracted from 9400 to get a number exactly divisible by 65?

The multiple of 65 immediately less than 9400 is 9360. Therefore 40 has to be subtracted.

What number divided by 2 leaves 4 more than 6?


What number comes next in this series 298 209 129 58 -4?

-57. first you subtracted 89, then you subtracted 80 (9 less than 89), then u subtracted 71 (9 less than 80), then you subtracted 62 (9 less than 71), so next you subtract 53 which is 9 less than 62. and -4-53=-57

What is a negative minus a positive?

You get a positive subtracted number. A negative minus a positive number will always give a negative answer. And the answer will be more negative than either of the two numbers.

Why do plant leaves contain more chloroplasts than plant roots?

Plant leaves contain more chloroplasts than plant roots because photosynthesis occurs in the leaves. In order to carry out the various functions of photosynthesis, a large number of chloroplasts is required.

Most leaves have the upper surface more green and shiny than the lower one - Why?

The leaves are more green on the upper surface because of the presence of a large number of chloroplasts.

Is 6.416 greater than 6.350?

Yes, 6.416 is greater than 6.350 If you're not sure, simply subtract one number from the other. If you end up with a posive answer then the number subtracted is smaller, if you end up with a negative answer then the subtracted number is larger 6.416 - 6.350 = 0.066

Do kapok trees have leaves?

Yes, they do they more than 1,000 leaves

Why do plants with normal leaves grow more than plants with variegated leaves?


Why does a celery stalk with leaves show more movement than one without leaves?

A leafy stalk is faster because it has more surface are than a celery stalk without leaves. It has more surface are for transpiration.

What number is less than 50 has a factor of 8 has a multiple of 360 and has digits in which when subtracted equals 5?

No number satisfies all of those conditions.

The square of 9 more than a number is equal to 9 more than the square of the number?

The square of 9 more than a number is equal to nine more than the square of a number. What is the number?

Why is the underside of the leaves is a paler green than the top?

Because the underside of leaves typically lose more water than the top side. This is because the bottom side of leaves usually contain more stomates, or pores, than the top side.

Why can't CIC be written for 199?

919 can't be written as CIC because of the following rule: The letter I cannot be subtracted to a letter that is more than 10 times greater. Example: [IX] 1 can be subtracted from 10 but 1 cannot be subtracted from 20 as in [IXX]. [IC] is not right because 1 cannot be subtracted from 100 because 100 is more than 10 times greater than 1. Therefore, 199 is written as CXCIX in Roman Numeral.

Is a negative subtracted from a positive will it be a positive answer?

Yes. to subtract a negative is to add that number, so the number will be higher than the first number which is positive and can't go below zero.

When you have more than one leaf?


Why would some leaves need more stomata than others?

Some leaves would need more stomata than others if they are in an environment with more water. Stomata regulate the amount of water that goes in and out of a plant through the leaves.

Is there more caffine in coffee or tea?

Tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans before they are brewed. After processing however, the coffee beans have more caffeine than the leaves.

Why do plants with normal leaves grow more than plants with variegated leaves.?


What is 4 more than a number?

If the number is represented by X, then '4 more than a number' is represented by (X+4).

How the meanings of seven more than a number and seven is more than a number are different?

seven more than a number is when you have a number and you add 7 to it it is 7 more than a number seven is more than a number means you have two numbers X and 7 and 7>X

What is the least number that should be subtracted from 832 to make it exactly divisible by 49?

The answer is 48illustration:833 is a multiple of 49 which is more than 832the multiple which is immediately less than 833 is 784so the difference that must be subtracted is 832- 784 = 48

Is a positive number subtracted by positive number a negative number?

It depends on the numbers. 4-5= negative 1 5-4= 1 if the number you are taking away is greater than the number being taken from then the answer will be negative.