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It is: 8/3 times 3 = 8

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Q: What number times 3 gets you 8?
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What number times it 3 times gives 512?

The number is eight.

What is 8 times 2 thirds as a mixed number?

It is 8 times 2/3 as a mixed number is 5 and 1/3

How many times does one eighth go into one third?

The answer is found by dividing 1/3 by 1/8 which gets 1/3 *8 = 8/3 = 2.667 times.

What is the sum of 3 times a number and -8 added to 5 times the number?

(3a-8) + 5x(a)

What number multiplied by itself 3 times is 512?

It is: 888 = 512

What is the quotient of 8 times a number and 3?

If the number is n, then 8n/3

What is the expression for 3 times a number and 8?

3n + 8

What number divided by 3 equals 8?

Is 24! multiple 3 times 8

How do you write 3 times as long as 8 inches in number sentence?

how do you writ 3 times as 8 inches in sentence

What is 8 increased by three times a number?


What number times itself 3 times gives 512?


How can you get the answer 8 from using the number 3 four times?

3*3 - 3/3

How do you write this problem The quotient of 8 and 3 times as number X?


8 more than 3 times a number equals?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to 3x + 8=y.

How do you write 8 more than 3 times the number?

3x + 8

If Roger puts a number in and gets 8 out Then he puts a different number in and gets 8 out again What number does he put in first What different number could he put in to get 8 out?


What number times what number has the product of 24 and the difference of 5?

8 and 3

Is the relation a function Why or why not (3 1) (3 0) (3 4) (3 8)?

No it is not. The number 3, in the domain, gets mapped to more than one number in the range.

Can 15 go into 125?

15 can of course go into 125, but not an even number of times. 125 / 15 = 8-1/3

How many times does 80 go into 643?

8 times with a remainder of 3

What is an expression that represents 8 more than 6 times a number is 5 less than 3 times that number?

6x + 8 = 3x - 5

How many times does 9 go into 75?

8 times with a remainder of 3

What does one eighth times the whole number three equal and how do you get the answer?

3\8.You see, when you multiply a whole number times and a fraction is the same as multiplying only the numerator by the whole number.So,if you apply it to the problem, it will be 3*(1\8)=3*1\8=3\8.

What is three times a number is 24?

3 x 8

How do you solve 16 4-8 3 0?

The solution to 16 times 4 minus 8 times 3 times 0 is 64. The number name is sixty-four.