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Thirteen and Nineteen

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Q: What number with eight letters?
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What is the largest eight letter number?

I think the largest eight letter number is 'trillion' but 'thousand' also has eight letters.

What is the number that ends with t and has 5 letters?


What is the only number written out that has the letters in alphabetical order?


How many number of ways to arrange the letters from Facebook is eight is it true?


You are a word eight letters long - 12345678?

A number is not a letter.

What number begins with a e and ending with a t with 5 letters?

eight (8)

What letters does the number eight partner with on the phone?

hey-what is the answer then?

What is a five letterd number?

The numbers three, seven and eight all have five letters

How many states have eight letters?

Eleven states have exactly eight letters in their names.

How do you write the number 38 in letters?

What kind of letters?thirty-eight or XXXVIII

What eight letter word with the sixth and seventh letters ea means to get bigger or more in number?


What is seven letters word that if you take away two letters it becomes an eight letters word?

Weights- take away the 'w' and 's' and you get 'eight'- weights

What number has eight letters?

Thirteen, fourteen and nineteen.

What animal has eight legs and eight letters?

A octuapus

What continent has 8 letters?

No continent has eight letters. The closest is Australia with nine letters.

What words have 8 letters?

A word that has eight letters is pictures

What word has eight letters the first and last letters are the same and no other letters are repeated?


What snake has eight letters in name?

A snake with 8 letters is an Anaconda.

What is the only number when spelled in English that has all the letters in alphabetical order?

Eight is the only single digit number to be spelled with all of its letters in alphabetical order. Eighty is another such number, but it is two digits. I'm not sure if there are others.

What eight letter word can be made from the letters h u b r i s e?

Seven letters - not eight letters listed in question Bushier

What is the Greek word for the number eight?

The translation is "OGDO" with emphasis on the two middle letters. The first and last letter are softer.

Complete the pattern. twelve equals 6.six equals 3..eight equals?

5. It's the number of letters.

What eight letter words can be formed using letters laslgabzbgew?

An eight letter word from those letters is baseball.

What eight letter word can be made from these letters naloeyianrgt?

Eight letter word using the letters, naloeyianrgt: yearning. gyration. learning.

Why does the number one on a phone have no letters?

because, if they put 3 letters on each number, then there wouldn't be letters on each number