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20 and 1

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Q: What numbers make up the number 21?
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Is 21 a number in the Fibonacci sequence?

Yes, 21 is a number in the Fibonacci sequence. Numbers are usually found by adding up 2 numbers.

Which pair of prime numbers make up 21?

3 x 7

9999555533331111 in these any six numbers total is 21 what are those numbers?

5+5+5+5+1 That is only 5 numbers being added. There can be no answer for six numbers for the following reasons: The numbers are all odd. Two odd numbers make an even number. Two even numbers make an even number. 21 is odd. Take 6 odd numbers and add them up in pairs. Each pair of odd numbers gives an even number so there are 3 even numbers. Even + Even + Even = Even. So sum of any six odd numbers is even but 21 is not even.

What type of numbers make up the real number system?

Rational and irrational numbers.

What factors of 21 add up to make zero?

When the "factors" of a number are listed, the list is usually restricted to positive factors. Then there would be no answer to the question, because no group of positive numbers can add up to make zero.

What is a number that multiplies to get 21 and adds up to make 4?


How many numbers make up a credit card number?


How do you play 21 dares?

take it in turn to say up to 3 numbers. whoever says the number 21 has to to a dare. Hope this helps

What two consecutive numbers make up 420?

I am not sure if any two consecutive numbers can add up to an even number.

What do you mean by rounding up numbers?

Lets just say you have an answer of 7.89, OK? By rounding that number up, you make it 8. When you round up numbers, you take your number and kinda 'pull' it up to the closest whole number.

Is the addition of two composite numbers also a composite number?

Not necessarily. For example 15 and 16 are composite numbers. They add to 31, which is a prime number. Similarly, the composite numbers 20 and 21 add up to 41, which is a prime number.

What are the Triangle numbers up to 21?


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