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It depends on whether you want multiply or sum!

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What numbers multiply to sum 415?
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What numbers multiply and get -294 and add up to 22?

The numbers are: 11+ square root of 415 and 11 - square root of 415

If the sum of 2 numbers and the product is 442 what are the 2 numbers?

The answer is 27+415= 422. It is as simple as that!

When you multiply two numbers the results are called?

the product

What two numbers multiply to 150 and sum to -19?


What numbers go into 415?

These numbers go evenly into 415: 1, 5, 83, 415.

How do you find the sum of five numbers if the average of the five numbers is 790.6?

The average of a group of numbers is equal to the sum of the numbers divided by the number of numbers. If you want to find the sum of the five numbers, just multiply 790.6 by 5 to get the sum, which is 3953

What two numbers multiply by 54 and have the sum of -15?

-6 and -9

How do you calculate the sum of the deviations from the mean?

multiply the mean by the amount of numbers

What is the sum of 415 and 375?

It is 415 plus 375 equals 790

The average of two numbers is 10 What is the sum of the two numbers?

Avreage = Sum/number of values So 10 = sum/2 Multiply both sides by 2: 20 = sum

What is the sum if you multiply two rational numbers?

Either way, you'll end up with a rational number, but you won't get a sum if you multiply.

What two numbers multiply to equal -56 and the sum of the two numbers equals 26?

The numbers are -2 and 28

What two multiply numbers equal the sum of 100?

It's unclear whether you want two numbers that add to a sum or multiply to a product. 25 x 4 = 100 25 + 75 = 100

What numbers multiply to equal -420 but when added together their sum is 64?


What two numbers can you multiply to get a product of -48 and a sum of 8?

-4 and +12

What is twice the sum of two numbers?

to sum two numbers you add them together then to get twice that you multiply the sum by 2 e.g. if the two numbers are 5 and 8 the sum = 5 + 8 = 13 twice that is 13 x 2 = 26

What two numbers multiply to equal -56 and the sum of the two numbers equals 10?

the two numbers are 14 and - 4.

What is the formula for the sum of first hundred odd numbers?

This is the way I would do it: The sum of the 1st & 100th numbers = the sum of the 2nd & 99th numbers = the sum of the 3rd & 98th numbers all the way to the sum of the 50th & 51st numbers; each of the sums equals 200. So I would multiply 200 by 50 (10000).

What two numbers can you multiply together the sum be 16 but also add together and get a sum of -6?


What to numbers multiply to get the product of 20 and add together to get the sum of 13?


What is the maximum product of two numbers if their sum is -18?

-9 and -9 multiply to get 81. ■

What two numbers multiply to be 300 and add to be -40?


When you want the product of two numbers what does that mean?

"Product" means to multiply. "Sum" means to add.

What two numbers multiply to get 360?

36x10 would be the easiest sum to get 360. Or even 360x1!!

Does total mean add or multiply?

Total or sum both means adding numbers together.