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a gold sphere

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Q: What object has the greatest density gold sphere plastic cube or wooden sphere?
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An object will sink in a liquid if the density of the object is greater than that of the liquid. the mass of a sphere is 9.83g. if the volume of this sphere is less than blank cm3 then the sphere will?


What object is shaped like a sphere?

A sphere.

A solid aluminum sphere has a mass of 81g. Using the density of aluminum what is the radius of the sphere in inches?

Density = mass / volume. You have the density of aluminum and the mass of the aluminum sphere. The volume of a sphere is 4/3*Pi*r^3. Therefore volume = 4/3*Pi*r^3 = mass / density. Solve for r, which is the radius of the sphere.

How many faces does sphere?

A sphere is a round object. It has no sides. The object is 3-D. (Three Dimensional)

What does hemispherical mean?

Hemispherical mean shaped like half a sphere. A sphere is a round solid object like a ball or a planet. The clear plastic dome-like lids McDonald's puts on their milkshakes are hemispherical.

How do you get density of a sphere?

Divide its mass by its volume.

What is the formula for a sphere mass?

how do you find the mass of a sphere Volume x density => 4/3(pi)(r)3 x density

How do you determine density of sphere with Vernier caliper?

Measure the diameter and from that calculate the volume, then determine the mass of the sphere on a weighing device. Then it's just density = mass/volume ========================== It again depends on the sphere whether its hollow or its a solid sphere

Which object has no lines symmetry?


Which 3D object has no vertices?

A sphere.

What is the formula for the mass of a sphere?

The mass of a sphere is 4/3*pi*r3*d where r is the radius of the sphere and d is the density of the material of the sphere.

How is the density of a regularly shaped object determined by experiment?

If the shape of the object is regular (a cube or a sphere) then the volume can be calculated from the measurement of the object's key dimension(s). And the object's mass can be determined in a mass balance. Give the mass and volume the density is calculated by dividing the mass by the volume. Where the object's shape is irregular, the volume may be determined by measuring the volume of a liquid displaced by submerging the object completely in that liquid.

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