What object is 1m?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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A School desk

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Q: What object is 1m?
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What object is longer than 50cm but shorter than 1m?


What is the ratio of 25Cm to 1M?

It is: 25 cm to 1 meter = 25/100 or 1 to 4

What is 1m x 1m x 0.5m?


What is the area of rectangle 1m and 1m?

The formula for the area of a rectangle is A=LW; L- length and W- width. A=1m x 1m= 1m².

How much tons is 20 ft diameter by 31 ft tall?

You can not simply change from a measurement of volume to that of mass, for example if you had a 1m x 1m x 1m cube and filled it with lead, it would have a greater mass than if it were filled with air or wood.As such, in order to find the mass of an object of a given volume you are required to know what material the object is composed of, and hence it's density. Then it's mass can be calculated as below:Mass = Density x Volume

What fraction of 1m of 77cm?

1m = 100 cmAnswer:77/100 of 1m

What is larger 1m or 25cm?


What is 1m?

anything less then 1m?

What is larger 1m or 990 cm?

1m = 100cm 990cm/100cm/m = 9.9m 9.9m > 1m, so 990cm > 1m

What is1m squared?

1m x 1m = 1 square meter, or 1m squared.

How much is 1 cube or soil?

1m x 1m x 1m = 1m3

Is 100cm in 1m?

yes it is 1m is 100cm