What objects have rights angles?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Square, rectangle and a right angle triangle are examples.

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Q: What objects have rights angles?
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What objects have angles?


What if angles were not supplementary in an object?

Lots of objects do not have supplementary angles. It does them, or their environment, no harm.

What objects are shaped like acute angles?

half of a clock

What real-life objects represent acute angles?

A ramp, hill

Which polugon has no rights angles all sides equal andand both acyte and obtuse angles?

A rhombus

How are prefixes used to name shapes?

Prefices are used to indicate the number of sides, angles, faces or solid angles (in 3d objects).

How are vertical angles used in real life?

Vertical angles are used in construction, computer design, and just about any other field where objects are built. Angles add design and strength.

Name the art style in which objects are shown from several different angles at once?


How many geometrical objects have four sides and four angles?

There are infinitely many such shapes.

What is the main difference between squares and rhombuses?

Squares have 4 rights angles but a rhombus may or may not have 4 right angles.

What do a pentagon and a regular pentagon have the same?

They are both 2 dimensional objects with five straight sides and five angles. The sum of the internal angles is 540 degrees, the sum of the exterior angles is 360 degrees.

A quadrilateral with all congruent sides and all rights angles is called?