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There can be no number with an odd sum of 8 because 8 is not odd!

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Q: What odd number is between 21 and 40 with a odd sum of 8?
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Related questions

What are the 4 odd numbers equal to 21?

The sum of any four odd numbers will never be equal to an odd number.

What is the probability of rolling a sum of 10 or a sum that is an odd number when two number cubes are rolled?

The probability is 21/36 = 7/12

What is the smaller number of The sum of two consecutive odd numbers is 44?

It is 21 because 21+23 = 44

What odd number is divisible by 7 and is the sum of two and is less than 25 consecutive numbers?

All odd numbers are the sum of two consecutive numbers. Odd multiples of 7 less than 25 are 7 and 21.

Is 21 a even number or a odd number?

21 is an odd composite number

What is the odd number between 10 and 21 which is not prime?


There are nine pong balls numbered 1-9 in a bag If three balls are randomly selected without replacement what is the probability expressed as a common fraction that the sum of the number be odd?

10/21 First, observe that for the sum of the three balls to be odd, either one is odd and two are even, or all three are odd. Since the sum of two odd numbers is even, the sum of two even number is even, and the sum of an even number and an odd number is odd. P(exactly one is odd)=(5/9)*(4/8)*(3/7)*3=180/504=5/14 P(all three are odd)=(5/9)*(4/8)*(3/7)=60/504=5/42 P(sum is odd)=5/14+5/42=15/42+5/42=20/42=10/21, which is approximately .48

The sum of two conscutive odd numbers is 44 what is the smaller number?

Start by dividing 44 by 2 to get 22. Therefore, 22 + 22 = 44. If we subtract 1 from one number, and add 1 to the other number, the sum will be the same, but now using two consecutive odd numbers; ie, 21 + 23 = 44. Therefore, the smaller number is 21.

What 6 digits from the number 9999555533331111 have the sum of 21?

this would be explained on the basis of two FACTS below....... sum of two odd numbers are always even and sum of to even numbers are also always even then how 6 odd numbers (consider 3 pairs, 9 5 3 1 being odd numbers) can make an odd number 21..!! SO SIMPLE Make your basics strong...

How many odd numbers are greater than 20 and less than 200?

First odd number greater than 20 is 21 Last odd number less than 200 is 199 → number of odd numbers between 20 and 200 is (199 - 21) ÷ 2 + 1 = 90

Is 21 even or odd number?

An even number can be divided by 2 evenly. An odd number will have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. 21 is an odd number.

Can the number 23 can be written a sum of two prime numbers?

No, it cannot be done. As 23 is odd, two numbers used would have to be one odd and one even. As 2 is the only even prime number and 21 + 2 equals 23, but 21 is not a prime number, it cannot be done.

The sum of four consecutive odd number is 80 what is the largest of these numbers?

It is 23 because 17+19+21+23 = 80

Is 21 be a even or odd number?

It is odd.

What odd number between 20 and 30?

21 23 25 27 29

What is the odd number between 20 and 30?

21, 23, 25, 27, 29

Is 21 even or odd?

The number 21 is odd since it cannot be divided by two to make a whole number.

What three odd integers have a sum of 57?

17, 19, 21

I am a 6 digit number my thousand period contains three different odd digits with a sum of 21 your ones period contains three different even digit with a sum of 18 who am i?


Find three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 63?

63 / 3 = 21The middle number is 21The odd numbers next to 21 are 19 and 2319 + 21 + 23 = 63

What 4 odd numbers equal 21?

The sum of any four odd numbers must be even so the question cannot possibly refer to a sum (or difference). The question could refer to multiplication in which case a simple answer is 1*1*1*21 = 21

What are 3 prime numbers that can be added together to make 18?


Four consecutive odd integers have a sum 80 what is the least of these integers?

17 , 19 , 21 and 23 are the odd integers whose sum is 80 and the least integer is 17

What is the composite number between 20 and 50 whose prime factor have a sum of 21?

38 2-19= 21

Is 21 a even number?

an odd number