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Q: What of a number are one of two numbers multiplied together to find the product of a number?
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What are the sum and the product of a number?

The sum is the total when numbers are added together, the product is the total when they are multiplied.

What is it when prime numbers are multiplied together to get the original number?

Then, we obtain the multiple or the product of prime numbers.

What do you call the numbers you multiply together to get a product?

multiplier the number that multiplies multiplicand the number to be multiplied product the answer in multiplication

When two composite numbers are multiplied together will the product be a prime number or a composite number?


What is a number multiplied by another number to find a product is called?

This would be called a "factor". A number may be made by multiplying two or more other numbers together. The numbers that are multiplied together are called factors of the final number.

Write the product of each pair of numbers?

The product of two numbers is the resulting number when they are multiplied together. As there is an infinite amount of numbers it would be impossible to write out the result of the product of all pairs of numbers

What is the product of a negitave number and a positive number?

The product of two numbers is the two numbers multiplied together. When multiplying a positive number and a negative number, the answer is always negative. For example: 7*-3= -21

Numbers that are multiplied together to give a product are?

They are called the multiplicand and the multiplier. The multiplicand is the number that is being multiplied by the multiplier. 6 (multiplicand) x 3 (multiplier) __________ 18 (product)

Is product is plus or minus?

if 2 positive numbers are multiplied, then the product is positive. if 2 negative numbers are multiplied, the product is positive. if a positive and a negative number are multiplied, the product is negative.

What is the product of 41 and 63?

The product of two number is the result of the two numbers multiplied together. 41 times 63 equals 2583

Is it true that the product of two negative numbers is sometimes a negative number?

No, two negatives multiplied together always form a positive number.

When does two negatives make a positive?

When two negative real numbers are multiplied together, the product is a positive real number.