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I think you mean reciprocal. For example, the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2.

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Q: What of a number is the number inverted?
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What is the name of a number which reads the same when inverted?

The number that reads same when inerted is SIX.When inverted it reads SIX.

What is a inverted number called?


How can you spell words on a calculator?

The simplified "figure 8" (7-lines) number symbols on many LCD and LED displays can make numbers appear as letters when inverted (upside-down).Number-letter pairs (some the same inverted or not) are:The number 0 is "O" (either way)The number 1 is "I" (either way)The number 5 is "S" (either way)The number 3 is "E" (inverted)The number 4 is "h" (inverted)The number 7 is "L" (inverted)The number 9 is "b" (inverted)So any words that can be spelled with B, E, H, I, L, O, or S can be formed by inverted numbers. Example : the number "07734" will look like "hELLO" when turned upside down.

What is the number twice the sum inverted 10?


How many inverted stamps are on the market?

There are a limited number in the US. There are hree types that come to mind, the $1 lamp, the Dag Hammerskold and the inverted Jenny.

What is 6 inverted?

6 inverted is?

What does non-inverted mean?

not inverted

What is inverted sentence?

A sentence that is inverted.

What is the inverted Pentagon?

It is a pentagon that is inverted.

Inverted numbers pyramid?

The inverted pyramid of number is a type of ecological pyramid that is seen in a parasitic food chain. It is where one primary producer supports numerous parasites.

What are inverted sights in surveying?

Inverted sight is the underside of a structure.In this the inverted sights are negative.

Why can't an energy pyramid be inverted?

Because it would violate the law of conservation of energy.

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