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You use division.

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Q: What operation do you use when you find parts of parts Math?
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What kind of math operation would you use in finding LCM?

If I was trying to find a least common multiple, I would use multiplication.

To use math to find the answer?

use math to find the answer

How do we use inverse in real life?

we use it in math. it is called inverse operation

What are Pemdas and Sadmep?

It's an operation that you use in math do solve problems.

What is a formula and why do you use them?

If you are talking about math, a formula is a representation of some type of operation, usually between numbers. An example of a formula in Excel is: =12*(34+14). Use use them to find a result of some type of calculation.

Why do you use an inverse operation?

We use it in order to find the variable

What math operation is use in finding a prime number?

Remainders (on division) rather than division itself.

What type of math do you use in zoology?

You can use math for Zoology to know how many animals are in each habitat and use math to find out how much food you give the animal.

What operation do you use to find a factor of a number?


How do scientists use math?

most scientists use math to find how much liquid to put into a test tube.or to find tyhe size of an animal.or to,... well, you get it, they use ALOT of math. so if you are about to be a scientist,pay attention in math and science class!

Why does Basketball And Math Go Hand In Hand?

They gernerally do not, but during scoring you use math. You use math to add up the score and find which team wins.

What do you use to find the mass of a fish tank?