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Q: What operation is it when two letters are next to each other in math?
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What are operations that undo each other such as addition and subtraction?

the Inverse Operation. This answer is relative to math, and operations.

What math operation is a product?

the math operation that is the product is the anwser.

What does operation mean in math terms?

Operation in math means an equation. When your teacher(just an example)says solve this operation, they want you to solve the operation, or equation.

Does football relate to math?

yes math and football is like a couple they both need each other they can't live with each other.

How do you evaluate a math expression?

The evaluate a algebraic math expression you first must substitute a number for each variable. Then you must perform the operation in the correct order.

What is the math operation thath precedes addition?

any operation

What is an inverse operations for 4th grade math?

An inverse operation is when you do the opisite in math. For example when you subtract the inverse operation is to add.

Is there a difference between an operation in math and an equation in math?

The answer is I dont like math sorry!! :D

Why does math have letters?

Math uses letters to indicate that specific numbers are not known or as an abbreviation for certain constant.

Math question what is inverse operation?

Two operations are said to be inverse if one undoes the action of the other.

What operation is compare in math?


Math operation for volume of a block?


What math operation is quotient?


What is equilibrium in math?

Equilibrium in math is when you have two expressions that are equal to each other. generally the notation for this is the = sign.

What is a comparison in math terms?

A comparison in math terms is when you see if two problems are equal to each other.

Math Operations that undo each other?

Inverse Operations.

What are things that follow on from each other in math?

They are logical conclusions.

Who put letters in math?

Satan put letters in math during the time period in which the emancipation proclamation was being signed

What does m in math stand for?

Since math isn't an acronym, the letters that spell math do not mean anything. They are just letters like the c in car and the d in dog.

What operation in math is the opposite of multiplication?


What does operation mean in math?

It means nothing

The action performed in a math problem?

Is an operation.

What in math is the opposite operation of division?


What is the definition in math terms parallel?

Lines opposite each other

What does engineering and math have to do with each other?

They are related in so many ways.