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This was on my kid's math homework sheet - it baffled me and my friends. The exact wording was what NUMBER belonged with them - I couldn't see a pattern with a single answer.

The point is that each of the numbers has a 4 in the tens column. Any number with a 4 in the tens column is a valid answer, but of the answers to tbe previous questions on the sheet only one matched.

It's a poorly worded question.

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Q: What other numbers belongs 348 6741 949?
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What other numbers belong with these numbers 348 6741 and 949?

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What numbers are divisible by 348?

The numbers that are divisible by 348 are infinite. Four of them are: 348, 696, 1044, 1392.

What is the divisibility for 348?

all numbers

What can be divided by 348?

Itself and any other multiples of 348

Is 361 in the range of numbers from 348 to 378?

Yes, 361 is bigger than 348 and smaller than 378 so it lies in therange of numbers between the two.

What numbers go into 348?

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 29, 58, 87, 116, 174, 348.

Hcf of two numbers is 87 and their LCM is 24960 if one of two numbers is 348 find the other number?

As a general rule, the product of the GCF and the LCM is equal to the product of the original numbers. That would make the answer to this problem 6240. Unfortunately, the GCF of 348 and 6240 isn't 87 and their LCM isn't 24960. Someone notated this problem incorrectly.

What are Carly and Sam's locker numbers?

347(carly) and 348(sam)

Is 361 the range of numbers from 348 to 378?

the Range of a set of numbers is the difference between them. in this case 378 - 348 = 30 Range = 30 that's as far as i understand it anyway. happy to be proven wrong :)

What are the even numbers between 347 and 353?

The even numbers between 347 and 353 are: 348 350 352

What is the highest common factor of 104 348 and 220?

The highest common factor of the numbers 104, 348 and 220 is 4.

Is 2 4 and 8 a factor of 348 and why?

2 and 4 are. 8 isn't. If you divide the numbers into 348 and the result is an integer, they are factors. 8 doesn't divide evenly.