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As a general rule, the product of the GCF and the LCM is equal to the product of the original numbers. That would make the answer to this problem 6240. Unfortunately, the GCF of 348 and 6240 isn't 87 and their LCM isn't 24960. Someone notated this problem incorrectly.

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Q: Hcf of two numbers is 87 and their LCM is 24960 if one of two numbers is 348 find the other number?
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What is 24 percent of 104000?

To find 24 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.24. In this instance, 0.24 x 104000 = 24960. Therefore, 24 percent of 104000 is equal to 24960.

The gcf of two numbers is 3 and their lcm is 180 if one of the numbers is 45 find the other number?

The other number is: 12

The sum of two numbers is 84 One number is three times the other Find the numbers?

The numbers are 21 and 63.

The HCF of 2 numbers is 11 and their LCM is 7700If one of the number is 275 find the other?

In order to find the other number, we can use the relationship between the HCF and LCM. By multiplying the HCF and LCM together and dividing by one of the numbers, we can find the other number. So, (11 * 7700) / 275 = 308. Therefore, the other number is 308.

The sum of two numbers 3472. One of the numbers is 1968. Find the other number.?

You really need an answer for this? 1504.

Why cant you make another number in between any other number?

Between any two real numbers you can always find an infinite number of other real numbers so the question is misguided.

Is 60 a compatible number?

In general, numbers are not compatible or otherwise in isolation. They are compatible in the context of other numbers. Two (or more) numbers are compatible if their sum (or other combination) is a number which YOU find easy to work with. As you acquire more experience, you may find that more and more numbers become compatible.

How do you find the average in fractions?

The same as you would find the average of other numbers. Add all the numbers together, then divide by the size of the set - by the number that indicates how many numbers you have.

What is if the sum of two number is 25 and one number is 4 times the other number find the numbers?

20 and 5

The sum of two numbers is 76 one number is 12 less than the other number find the number?

44 and 32

How will I find a number when the LCM is 252 and HCF is 14 and the first number is 28?

The product of the GCF and LCM of two numbers is equal to the product of the two numbers. The other number is 126.

How do you find GCF of the numerator and denominator?

-- The numerator is a number. -- The denominator is a number. -- Together, they comprise two numbers. Their gcf is found by using the same process you use to find the gcf of any other two numbers: -- List all the factors of the first number. -- List all the factors of the other number. -- Compare the lists. Any number that appears on both lists is a common factor of the two numbers. -- The greatest of those is the greatest common factor of the two numbers.