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66 % of salaried jobs

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Q: What percent of jobs require writing skills?
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Related questions

What jobs require organization skills?

what jobs require good organization skills

What are some jobs that require keyboarding skills?

Administrative jobs require keyboarding skills. Jobs such as data entry and customer service also require keyboarding skills. Computer programmers and writers also need keyboarding skills.

What skill set does someone need for at home jobs?

Jobs that promise you oodles of money with little investment of time and no experience aren't legitimate. Legitimate work at home jobs are going to require that you have skills relevant to the position. Many jobs require skills like writing, graphic design, programming or web design, for example.

What percent of jobs require math?


What jobs do not involve maths?

Not many jobs don't involve math. Most jobs require you to know basic math skills, such as arithmetic and perhaps some basic algebra and geometry. If you want to become an engineer or scientist or something, you will probably need much more math knowledge than that. I assume that most writing jobs don't require math skills (author, blahblahblah).

What jobs require leadership skills?

Leadership and teamwork are extremely important skills/traits when it comes to jobs/occupations. Jobs that require leadership skills include coaches, administrators, entrepreneurs politicians, business executive, teachers, professors, and the army.

What percent of jobs have uniforms?

There is an estimate of 60% of jobs require a uniform!

What jobs require math skills?

a cashier

What jobs require organizational skills?

a secretary

Do IT jobs require computer skills?


What is three jobs that require good organizational skills?


Work at Home Jobs Require Preparation?

The dream of working from home is within reach if an individual carefully checks the options and avoids scams. Legitimate work-at-home jobs usually require skills developed either in college or on the job. These include excellent writing ability, counseling skills, or computer-related skills. Writing online for pay can also help students complete their education without incurring overwhelming levels of debt. Working at home is a good option for people with the skills and self-discipline required to turn a profit.

Three jobs that require good organizational skills?

cordinations,analytical skills,and manegers

What three jobs that require quick thinking skills?


Are receptionist jobs hard?

No, receptionist jobs require basic office and computer skills only.

What jobs use keyboarding?

Most office jobs require some amount of keyboarding skills. The traditional jobs that require keyboarding are office assistant, case management, and transcriptionist.

List three jobs that require good organizational skills?


Do most part-time jobs require a lot skills and special training?


What skills are needed for jobs in accounting?

The primary requirement is good math skills, attention to detail, a good memory and problem solving skills. Accounting jobs can also require people, computer and analytical skills.

What percentage of jobs in the US require the use of computers?

Ninety-six percent of Americans use some form of computers in their jobs; sixty-two percent use computers as an integral part of their jobs.

What are jobs that require reading skills?

Reading is needed by everyone. Some jobs require more reading than others, but most jobs do require a person be able to read. It is important just to be able to fill out the job application to be able to read.

What is a complex communication job?

Many careers such as Authors, Technical Writing, and Public Relations are all jobs that require "Complex communication" skills. Other jobs such as a Social Media worker, radio broadcasting, as well as Marketing are all choices. Hope this helps.

What 3 jobs require quick thinking skills?

One job is an athlete.

What 3 jobs require good organization skills?

Cooking, Cleaning, and Sleeping.

What jobs can i get with an associate's degree in creative writing?

In the creative writing arena, it is more the talent then the degree that will get you the job. Jobs in marketing and advertising will require samples of your writing. You can also work freelance for papers and online websites.