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Q: What percent of one half is one-fourth?
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Is the radius of a circle onefourth the length of a diameter?

No. The radius is half of the diameter.

Is one half percent equal to the fraction one half?

no one half is 0.5 one half percent =.005

What is 2 and a half percent of 200?

The answer to two and a half percent is easy. Simply find one percent,double it to get two percent and then half one percent to find the half. Put them together and you have two and a half percent.

What is half of one half of a percent?

It is a quarter of a percent

What is one half of one percent in decimal form?

One half of one percent = 0.005

What is half as a percent?

0.05% = half of one percent 0.50% = half of the whole

What is 7 and one half percent of 119183?

7 and one half percent of 119183 = 8938.725

How do you write one and a half percent?

1.5%one and a half percent = 11/2% or 1.5%

What is 50 percent of 25.00?

Fifty percent is one half. In the case of 25, 12.5 would be one half, or fifty percent.

How much is one half as a percent?

One half is 50%.

What is one half percent as a fraction?

One half percent as a fraction is 1/200

what is one half of a percent of 36000?

If you multiply one half of a percent (0.05) x 36,000 you will get 18,000.

How many centimeters are in one and onefourth of an inch?

1in = 2.54cm 1.25in x 2.54cm/in = 3.18cm

What is the percent form of one half?

Fifty percent.

How do you spell out 1.5 percent?

One and a half percent

What is two and one half as a percent?

It is 250 percent.

Is 5 percent greater or less than one half?

5 percent is less than one half

What is the decimal form of one half percent?

One half percent can be written in decimal as 0.005 or just .005

What is one half of one percent?


How do you write 1.50 percent in words?

One and a half percent.

What is the percent of one half?


What is half of one percent?


What percent of one is half?


What is 50 percent of 68?

50 percent is one half: {50% = 0.50 = 1/2}. One half of 68 is 34.

How do you write Six and One Half Percent?

Six and One Half Percent is written as 61/2%