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29/30 questions correct = 96.6667 percent, which is exactly 96 2/3%

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Q: What percentage did you score if you missed one question out of 30?
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What percentage would you get if you missed 6 questions out of a 23 qquestion math quiz?

One question is worth about 4 points. So if you missed 6 that is about 24 points off. So you would get about a 76%.

What percentage of students have missed only one question on the ACT?

A very small number, less than 1% (you can actually miss several questions and still get a perfect 36).

What percentage get a 36 ACT score?

One percent or less of all participants receive a score of 36 on the ACT.

What would your percentage be if you got one question wrong on a 200 question test?

1 wrong out of 200 means 199 correct. So 100*199/200 % = 99.5 % correct. The percentage score depends on whether all questions carry the same mark, whether or not there is a penalty for a wrong answer.

What is your score if you missed sixty four questions out of eighty one?

17 out of 81; around 21%, which is an F in most grading systems.

Has Kobe Bryant ever had a scoreless game?

yes, his first game as an nba player he did not score. he took one shot and missed it.

Which is true a missing question or a missed question?

Either of those could be used, depending upon what you are trying to say. For example, you have a test that is supposed to contain 20 questions but it actually has only 19 questions; there is a missing question. You take a test and answer every question correctly except for one; you have a missed question.

Whose credit score is used when you cosign for a loan?

The cosigner's credit score is used. They are the one responsible if the primary signer defaults on payment. Both credits are ruined if the car payment is missed. Be very careful of who you sign for!

Which FICO score does FHA use?

You answered your own question, the scoring model they use is your FICO score, not your FAKO score which it is called when you purchase your score from one of the big 3, that scoring model is called Advantage.

What would your grade be if you missed 25 questions out of 100?

Your grade would be 75 if you missed 25 questions out of 100. If there are 100 questions, each question would be worth one point.

How do you interpret percentile ranking when the average score is 23 percent?

To interpret percentile ranking you must know the percentage of the group. Arrange the scores from the highest to the lowest. Compute the percentage of people with scores below 23%, and compute the percentage of people with scores at 23%. Add the percentage of people with scores below the score to one half the percentage of people with scores at the score to obtain the percentile rank. e.g If there were 20 children with varying scores, and 23% was the only score obtained by a student; then one score is (1/20) of the class, or 5%. 2 children scored lower than 23%; so (2/20) of the scores is below 23. The child with 23% will receive a percentile rank of 2+(half of 5)=4.5%. Brenda

In baseball what is the percentage of a runner on third base scoring with one out?

I can't find an exact percentage but I know it would be up there because they usually score on a sacrifice fly.

How long is one score?

"Score" is not a measure of time. It is a measure of quantity. Thus the question is imprecise and cannot be answered without more information. A "score" is equal to 20 So the question amounts to asking "How long is 20?" 20 what? Years? Weeks? Days? Minutes? One score years = 20 years two score years = 40 years and so on.

What credit score do you have as a UK citizen?

One's credit score as a UK citizen depends on a variety of factors which include: credit accounts or loans, the credit limit or the amount of the loan, late or missed payments, bankruptcies, liens, or foreclosures. Credit searches, which are conducted when one applies for credit, are also recorded on one's credit score. Additionally, each of the three major UK credit companies interprets the data on one's score slightly differently, based on their own internal models, and thus one will often have a slightly different score with each company.

What if you miss one month of birth control pills?

? Is this question asking if you can get preg ? Yes, you can. If you missed a whole month.

How many can you miss out 45 question to get a B?

You doth whatthou heat desires, though if one missed 45 questions in one's test, one would be doubtful of acheiving a B.

If you got one question wrong out of five what would your percentage be?


How do actual IQ scores relate to someone in the 99th percentile of the general US population?

Actual IQ scores relate to someone in the 99th percentile of the general US population. One's raw score is compared to the percentage of the general US population who achieved a score equal to or below one's raw score.

Does having more than one credit card improve your credit score or hurt it?

It can improve it since having a high percentage of credit limit can lower the score. Better to split the expenses and use about half of each cards limit and then pay each online ontime in full to improve the score did u know that using a low percentage of credit limit can lower your score? Aim for 50% and pay it all on time.

If you got one question wrong out 25 what would percentage be?

4% wrong

How can you remove a problem question after the quiz has been taken in Biggyan Cloud eLearning?

You can not remove a question once a quiz has been taken by one student or more. However you can change the score and flag the question so you know it has problems. Set the score for that question to 0. Caution: In some versions of Biggyan Cloud eLearning if you use this question in an other quiz, this will potentially change the question in that quiz as well. A trick is to score the question as 0, then regrade the just completed quiz. This will establish the new grade for gradebook. Now go back and change the score to the original value.Find the question in Question Bank. Maybe edit the title (Do not use in Bio101). Or if you do not share the question category with other teachers, create a sub category, move the offending question there, and perhaps create a better question to replace the one you just moved. Create a new quiz and if necessary hide the old one. Caution: if other departments or teachers use a question category it might be wise to check with the team before moving or changing any question. This is one reason importing questions in a course is a good best practice in some situations.

When one grabs the ball after a missed?

When one grabs the ball after a missed shot in Basketball they have rebounded the ball.

What percentage of people never get married?

No one is giving an answer to this question. A lot of fancy talk, but no answer.

What percentage of industrial injuries can be related to alcohol consuption?

No one really knows the answer to that question.

What was the Production Budget for One Missed Call?

The Production Budget for One Missed Call was $20,000,000.