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20 percent

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Q: What percentage of children are consistently unpopular?
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When do children typically display handedness?

Children do not consistently favor one hand over the other before 12-18 months

Approximately what percentage of young athletes respond consistently to the command style of coaching?

college: 84%professional: 78%

What is the percentage of children killed in a traffic accident in 2004?

in 2004 the percentage of children killed in car accidents was 63%

What percentage of children go to private schools in Britain?

8 % percentage of children go to private school in Britain

Why do parents give their children unpopular names?

Most parents do this because they want their children to have unique names and stand out. Or they could choose the name because they like the name.

What percentage of kids show off in front of their friends?

About 25% Of Kids Show Off Because They Think They Are Better Or They Are Unpopular And Want To Have Poularity

If 15 out of 60 children in a school can swim what percentage of the children can swim?

The percentage is 15/60 times 100 = 25%

What percentage of Americans are children?

Approximately 25-30% of Americans are children.

What percentage of African children work?

95% of African children work

What percentage of settlers in Plymouth were children?

30% Of the settlers in Plymouth were children.

What are unpopular laws?

'Unpopular laws' are laws which are not popular.

How would you use unpopular in a sentence?

You could say, "Don is very unpopular when it comes to school.". or (more examples): 1. That girl is very unpopular . 2. There are times when being unpopular pays off. 3. How unpopular do you think you are? 4. He's the most unpopular kid in school.