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Q: What percentage of heart attack victims are dead on arrival?
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Can heart attack victims collect unemployment?

Not if they are disabled or filing for disability.

What is the average age for heart attack victims?

The average age for heart attack victims is 50. However, young genre age group of 25-40 working in private organisations are prone to heart attack due to tremendous mental stress associated with their jobs, night shifts with working period spanning from 10-12 hours.

How often does high LDL contribute to heart attack risk?

what percentage of time does high LDL contribute to heart attacks?

Does heart attack victims has a ribbon color?

Yes. its red.Red Stands forFirefighter Line of Duty Death (red ribbon with black outline)Heart Disease/Heart AttackAIDS awarenessSubstance abuse awareness

What are anxiety attacks usually mistaken for?

They are usually mistaken for heart attacks because the signs and symptoms are almost the same except...Heart Attack victims normally present with cyanotic lips and fingernail beds because of an inability to circulate sufficient Oxygen rich blood to the body.Anxiety Attack victims hyperventilate and therefore present with a pink colour.

Can your rib cage bone enter your heart?

Yes, if one of your ribs is broken. There are cases of accident victims with heart attack and broken ribs (e.g. car drivers in a crash) being killed by rescue workers giving cardiac massage for the heart attack, only to accidentally drive a broken rib through the heart wall. Poor outcome generally....

Can you have a heart attack after having an asthma attack?

YES you can have a heart attack at anytime for any reason. You can have a heart attack for no reason at all.

Blood pressure is best taken on what arm?

It's closest to the heart, the reading is better. That's partially why heart attack victims feel pain in the left arm.

How kelly miller die?

heart attack or heart disease

What chimp died of a heart attack?

A chimp of a heart attack!

Can you get an heart attack from iPod?

No You cannot get a heart attack from an iPod

When was This Heart Attack created?

This Heart Attack was created in 2007.