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some kids like veggies a lot. others do not. You know i agree with her.

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Q: What percentage of kids like veggies?
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Why do kids rather eat cookies than veggies?

Their fat and obese like Robert Jackson

Is cookie monster vegetable monster?

He was cookie monster but the producers kept using cookies instead of veggies kids love cookies not veggies but veggies are good for you. The bottom line is kids were eating to many cookies so they changed those to veggies.

What percentage of kids dont like school uniforms?

about 24% of kids who don't like to wear uniforms

What percentage of kids like school uniforms?

49% percent of kids like and have school uniforms. newtest3

What percentage of kids do not like school uniforms?

50% do like uniforms and 50% do not

Do kids like veggies all the time?

Most kids don't but i love them lol, omg (one little interuption to this answer: my first question i answered was, now much people is in this world (but really i ment how many people are in this world) and marymaria1011 made it witch is me) (so try to find my answers please) *back to answer* i think that more kids like fruits then veggies but most kids still don't like fruits either. One more thing i have to say bout this answer is my broz dont like friuts or veggies they like candy and coco (coco means chocalote)<- lol-> My mom said that im the only child of all her kidz to be like that and that she was proud :D this is by: Marymaria1011

What percentage of kids don't like to wear school uniforms?

80% of kids hate wearing uniforms and 20% do

What do kids hate to do?

I am a kid myself so i am a pro hate to do more work than they can do hate to be yelled at or yelling at a person /object 3. kids hate to be disturbed when they are enjoying something 4.and that whole kids hate veggies thing is a stereo type most kids including me love veggies

What are some healthy treats for kids?

natural fruits and veggies with different dips

What is the percentage of kids who don't like school lunches?

About 85.7 percent of kids like school lunches. We asked them some reasons why they didnt like school lunches, and they all replied, THE VEGETABLES!

What are the release dates for Simply Ming - 2003 Andrew Zimmern and Cooking Veggies for Kids 9-2?

Simply Ming - 2003 Andrew Zimmern and Cooking Veggies for Kids 9-2 was released on: USA: 15 October 2011

What do kid eat in Asia?

Mainly what kids eat in Asia is many different types of food like grains, fish, poultry, and many different types of veggies.