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The percentage of 3g smartphones is 31 percent for 24 to 35-year-olds. hope this was helpful!

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Q: What percentage of smart phones are 3g phones?
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Can you put Microsoft office Word and Excel on the new 3G iphone?

The 3G Apple phones support Microsoft Office and other 3G smart phones such as Blackberrys do as well.

What are the differences in cell phones?

the difference can be how fast the internet is like 3g and 4g and some are smart phones others arent

What is 3G coverage on a cell phone?

3G coverage on a cell phone is the internet that your phone runs off of. Almost all cell phones offer 3G coverage. But nowadays, most smart phones now have 4G coverage.

What is 3G for Kindle?

3G for Kindle is the 3G service, known from smart phones, 3G enables you to have internet wherever you go. So 3G on the Kindle means you can take your Kindle anywhere being able to download book, browse the internet, etc.

What are some good brands of 3g mobile phones?

There are many manufactorers of 3G mobile phones and most major carriers carry 3G phones. Samsung, Ipone 4 and 4S are some of the most popular 3G phones with smartphone capabilities. TMobile also makes some popular 3G cell phones.

GSM vs. 3G cell phones?

3G phones are enabled with the ability to connect to the 3G network. It is a high speed cellular network.

Are all mobile phones with Verizon 3g capable?

The Verizon network is completly 3G capable, however not all of their phones are 3G capable. If you go to their website they list the 3G smartphones and also list their regular phones. You can access their website at

What does 3G mean on Android phones?

3G means third generation

Are all cell phones 3G?

no, and there are different types of 3G, one would be UMTS for GSM phones. GSM phones are the ones that take SIM cards or smartchips (same thing) the other form of 3G is EVDO which CDMA/TDMA phones can use, these phones cant take SIM Cards most carriers have phones that have 3G capibillities, and usually offer 3G service only in metropolitan areas.

Is there 3g everywhere?

No, 3G is not available everywhere. Some companies still have yet to complete their own 3G network. American phone companies decides to put out 3G phones before they made their 3G networks. Unlike Japan, who created their 3G network before their 3G phones which have made their cell phones and cell phone services the most advanced in the world.

What brands make mobile phones which are 3g compatible?

Some brands that make mobile phones which are 3g compatible are Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and LG. There are also several other brands of phones that are 3g compatible.

What are the best 3g mobile phones?

Any Android phone is the best 3g mobile phone. Other 3g phones are quite good, but Android has proven themselves in the 3g market as the top contender.

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