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Around 6%

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Q: What percentage of the world believes that NASA faked the moon landing?
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No worldwide survey has been undertaken, nor is it likely to be.

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It is estimated that approximately 68% to 88% of the world's population believes in one of the four largest religions, all of which believe in a higher power of sorts.

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The mid-year population estimate for 1969 shows there were approximately 3,631,478,167 people on the planet. It is estimated that around 600 million people watched the Apollo 11 landing live on T.V. 600,000,000 / 3,631,478,167 = 0.16522. Roughly 16.5% of the world population watched the first lunar landing.

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There is widespread ignorance of science in undeveloped, third world countries. About one third of the world's population is unaware that global warming is occurring.The better educated one is, the greater the perceived environmental threat from human activity.

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the harbor

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