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100%. Pollutants can flow from one part of an ocean to another and even if their concentration may be low in some parts, it is not likely to be zero!

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Q: What percentage of water is polluted in the pacific?
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What percentage of people get sick from polluted water in the US?

About 40%

Are shrimp polluted?

well if the shrimp are cuaght in polluted water then they are polluted but if there are caught in fresh water then theyt are not polluted

What is difference between polluted water and contaminated water?

polluted water is more dangerous for use and contaminated water is poisiones then polluted

How does one know if the water is polluted?

One will know if the water is polluted by putting a water reader in the body of liquid. This water reader will determine if the water is polluted or not.

How do your water sources become polluted?

Water sources mainly get polluted because of water pollution. This water is transported to homes where it is used. So, you are getting the polluted water.

What is the adjective of word pollute?

Polluted The Polluted creek is full of garbage.

Can polluted water cause paralysis?

It depends what it is polluted with.

How do you turn polluted water into a polluted gas?

you would evaourate the water until it is no longer there!!! then you have polluted the air with gas!!!

What type of mixtures are in polluted water?

A polluted water may be a homogeneous or a heterogeneous mixture.

Is snow polluted?

Snow is usually polluted. It is evaporated water from a place you don't know of, which could have almost anything in it. A lot of water is polluted.

Is herpes virus disease commonly transmitted by polluted water?

Herpes is not transmitted by polluted water.

What is the percentage of clean water versus polluted water?

100% Any "unclean" water is not actually water, but rather a substance that is composed of water and other particles/contaminants. It is no longer a "pure" chemical relationship.