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There is no definitive percentage, however many white men find black women attractive but are often at odds with family or friends due to social stigma.

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Q: What percentage of white men like black women?
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Does Aaron Amilian like white women?

Yes he likes white women

Do white women like black men?

Some do. Some don't.Most black men end up marrying black women. 97% prefer their own.Black men love to experiment but never with the intention of marriage.

What negative reasons draw Black men to White women?

Black men like fat white women

Is there any black women who like white men?


Do white women like black males more?

Depends on the woman.

Do white lesbian women like black lesbian women?

Not a good idea to generalise like this.

Why do black guys like fat white women?

Logically thinking, ALL black men don't like fat white women. This is a preference. Each person has their own opinion and we all should respect that.

Do Asians Men Like Black Women?

There is no way to generalize like this. All women are individuals.

How many single black men like single white woman?

There is a lot of black men out there who like and or love white women my dad is white and he likes my mom who is black uncle is black my aunt is white so there is a lot of men out there so don't lose hope

Do white women like white guys?

Each man's preferences are his and his own, some men find black women appealing, some don't.

Would a white girl like a black boy?

Depends on the individual. Some black women like white men, some black women like black men. Generally, you tend to find a black woman with a black man. Hi! Well, I'm a Black girl and I like Latino and Asian guys more than Black guys, but some White guys are okay. I think theres a lack of trust between Black women and White guys, so theres not as many of those couples as other types. What I mean is, some Black women are raised to be suspiscious of White guys. We're taught that most White guys who would show interest in us would only use us for sex, or to be able to say he's "been with a Black chick" or something. So Black women who do like White guys are often not as open to admitting it. Still, there is a growing number of Black women who do! I'm in college and my friends who are Black do like White guys and some date them. I was unsure of the idea for a long time because I thought it would be awkward (even though I grew up in an all White city! lol), and there are others like me too. Bottom line is just yes and no. There are Black women who like Black men, and then there are those who like White men. Then, in my case, there are us who like Latino or Asian guys :)

Why do white men love African ladies more?

That's not true. its Black men like white women