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If you mean within our Solar System: Mercury, since it is closest to the Sun.

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Q: What planet have the highest average of speed?
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How fast is world's highest average wind speed?

the worlds highest average wind speed is 231 mph

Which planet has the highest average density?

Earth has the highest mean density of any planet in the solar system.

What planet has the highest average surface temperature?

Venus has the highest average surface temperature, which is equal to 464C.

What is the highest speed of an average car?


Of the inner planets What planet has the highest average temperatures?


What area has the highest wind speed average?


What is the average orbital speed for the Planet Venus?

17650 kmph

What is the highest recorded average speed for a solar-powered car?

The highest speed is 115 mph (71.5 metres per second).

What is the highest average speed a space shuttle can reach?

17,500 mph

Which planet travels round the sun at the highest and at the lowest speed?

According to Kepler's Third Law, the planets that are nearer to the Sun movefaster than the planets that are farther away. The closest planet - and thus thefastest - is Mercury; the farthest planet from the Sun is Neptune.==================================The way gravity works guarantees, that the closer an object is to the sun, the faster it moves, whether the orbit is almost circular or highly eccentric. This simplerule instantly lines up the speeds of the various solar system objects for us:Fastest speed:Comets which, at their closest approach, spend part of their time inside the orbit of Mercury.Their speed is highest when they're closest to the sun.Known planet with the highest average speed:The planet nearest the sun . . . Mercury.Known planet with the lowest average speed:The planet farthest from the sun . . . Neptune.Known dwarf-planet-like objects with the lowest average speed:Known objects farthest from the sun . . . Pluto, Eris.

Which planet travels around the sun at highest speed?

The closest one goes the quickest - Mercury.

What is the average windspeed in Antarctica?

I'm not to sure on the average wind speed but i know the highest wind speed recorded is 200mph hope this helped

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