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It is: 2/3 times 1/2 = 1/3

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Q: What power times one half equals one third?
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What is Negative ten to the third times one half times 4 equals?

negative 2,000. =

How do you change one third into a half?

One third multiplied by one and a half equals a half.

What is 2 and 1 third divided by 1 half equals?

2 and 1 third divided by 1 half equals = 42/3

How many third cups in an half cup?

To find how many third cups in a half cup, you would divide one third into one half. To do this, you will have to multiply one half with the reciprocal of one third, which is three over one (3). This equals three halves, which equals one and one half third cups in a half cup.

What is 3 to the one half power times 9 to the one third power?

31/2*91/3 = 3.602810866

What is one third times one and one half?


What is negative one half to the fourth power?

Negative one half to the fourth power equals 0.0625

What times what that equals 115?

57 and a half

One half times one half equals what?


What does 1 half times 1 half equals?


What is X to the power of a half times x to the power of a half?


What is one half plus one third plus equal?

One half plus one third equals five sixths or about .8333333.

How many times can one-fourths equals a half?

Two lots of one-fourths equals a half.

One half plus one third equals?


What is 2 and one third multiplied by 3 and one half?

2 1/3 times 3 1/2 equals 7/3 times 7/2 which equals 49/6 which equals 8 1/6 The answer is eight and one sixth.44

What number times half equals 4?


One half of one third equals what?


What is blank divided by one half equals one third?


What is a half times a half times a half?

1/2+1/2=1+1/2=1 1/2 Equals One and a Half.

What is mass of an object times its velocity?

Mass times velocity equals momentum. Mass times acceleration equals impulse. Half of mass times velocity squared equals kinetic energy.

What is half times four times seven?

2 times 7 is 14,because half of 4 is 2 and you times 2 and 7 which equals to 14

How many atoms are in 6.00grams of carbon-12?

This is half a mole. Thus there will be half the Avogadro number of atoms, i.e. approximately 3.011 times 10 to the twenty third power.

What is 1 and 1 half times 2 and 1 third?

3 and 1 third

One and a half times what equals one?


What times 4 equals 2?

one half or 0.5