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The Prime number before 8 is 7.

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Q: What prime number comes before 8?
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Related questions

Is 8 and 17 a prime number?

8 is a even number 17 is a prime number

What is the first prime number after 8?

The first prime number after 8 is 11

What numbers is a prime number 8-12-17?

17 is a prime number. 8 and 12 are not prime numbers.

Explain why 8 is a prime number?

8 is NOT a prime number. It is divisible by 2, for example.

What is the prime number between 8 and 13?

The prime number between 8 and 13 is 11.

What prime number can I divide with 7 and 8?

The only prime number divisible by 7 is 7. There are no prime numbers divisible by 8.

Is 8 a prime factor of 32?

8 is not a prime number, so it can't be a prime factor.

Is 8 the third prime number?

No. 5 is the third prime number.

Is 0.18 equivalent to 0.081?

No. If you look carefully at the numbers you can see in one number the 1 comes before the 8 and in the other number the 8 comes before the 1. So even with out considering the zeros and the decimal point the first number is not equivalent to the second number.

What number comes before 9?

8 is the integer before 9, but a number is not necessarely an integer. You could say 8.9999999... comes before nine, or you could go further and say that any number that is less than nine is before nine, like -2.

Is 8 a prime number for 30?

8 is not a prime factor of 30. The prime factorization of 30 is 2x3x5.

Is 8 the prime factorization of 64?

No, 8 isn't a prime number. The prime factorization of 64 is 26

Is 8 prime or compositive?

As 8 is even it can be divided by 2 then it's not a prime number The only even number that is prime is 2

Is 8 and 9 a prime number?

no neither are prime

Is number 8 prime?

No it is not because there is 1,2,4, and 8. It is a composite number.

Is 8 prime number?


Can a number ending in 8 be prime?

No, it can't. If a number ends in 8, it is divisible by 2, itself, and 1, so it is not prime.

Is 8 composite or prime?

2 X 4 = 8, so 8 is a composite number.a composite number.

Is 7 and 8 are composite number?

8 is a composite number but 7 is a prime number

Is 8 a prime numbers?

Is 8 a prime number? NOO!! It is a composite number. It has more than two factors: 1, 2, 4, 8. =)

What is one of the following number is prime is it 15 81 29 or 8?

29 is a prime number. 15, 81, and 8 are composites.

Why can't a whole number ending with 8 be a prime?

The only even prime number is 2.

What is the smallest prime number that can be stored in an 8-bit memory?

The smallest prime number is 2.

Why isn't 8 a prime number?

8 is not prime a prime number because it has other factors aside from 1 and itself.The other factor of 8 is 2.

Greatest 8 digit even prime number?

There is only one even prime number (2). There are no 8-digit even primes.