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Q: What problem was Plato trying to solve?
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Why is government trying to solve the fire wood problem?

There is no fire wood problem and the government isn't trying to solve it.

What was the key problem that historians were trying to solve?

Historians solve many different problems; there is no "key problem"

What do fashion designers do solve a problem?

They keep trying!

What problem was glue trying to solve?

binding things together

What is an example of a four year old trying to solve a problem?


What is a hypothesis and why is it necessary when trying to solve a problem?

it is a prediction at what you think will be the outcome of the experiment...

What problem was the windmill originally trying to solve?

milling grain, as the name implies.

What do engineers do when they identify a need?

clearly define th problem they are trying to solve

What problem was Marie curie trying to solve?

i don't know can someone help me

What a sentence with amusment?

My amusement at the kids trying to solve the math problem made me laugh.

Can trying to solve an impossible mathematics problem can produce useful results?

True (APEX)

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Basically why do people ask questions that are of little use to the world.