What properties does a rectangle have?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Two sets of parallel sides. Four right angles. Opposite sides are congruent. The diagonals bisect each other. The diagonals make 2 congruent triangles. Is also a parallelogram.

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Q: What properties does a rectangle have?
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Properties of a rectangle?

The essential properties are that a rectangle is a quadrilateral whose sides met at right angles. There are many other properties but all of them follow from this.

What are the properties of rhombus and rectangle that square has?

Properties of rhombus that square has :- * All sides are equal. Properties of rectangle that square has :- *Each angle is 90 degree. *Diagonals are equal.

Can a rectangle be also a rhombus?

Yes. There is a shape that has all the properties of a rectangle and all the properties of a rhombus at the same time. It is called a square.

Why is a square a rectangle?

A rectangle is a parallelogram with angles of 90 degrees. A square has those properties (and more) so it is a rectangle.

What is a special type of a rectangle?

It is the golden rectangle so called because if its unique properties

Physical properties of a textbook?

Rectangle,Hard cover

What are phyical properties?

physical properties and somthings charcteristics.(example) like a brick is a rectangle and solid.

Properties of a non-square rectangle?

Properties of a non-square rectangle include the following: The diagonal cross each other and are congruent. Opposite sides are congruent as well as parallel.

Are any rectangles regular?

I don't think so because "rectangle" implies only properties of a rectangle, not a square. The rectangle would have to be a square to be regular.

What are the similarities of a square and rectangle?

For a start, a square IS a rectangle, so it has ALL the properties of a rectangle. A square has the additional property that all of its sides have the same length.

What are common properties of a rectangle and square?

They all have hexagonal sides

What are the ten properties of rectangle?

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