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The Addition Property of Exponents. To multiply powers with the same base, add the exponents. e.g. 34 x 37 = 311, x2x3 = x5, and (3x2yz3)(2x5y2z) = 6x7y3z4.

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Q: What property can you use to multiply the expressions with exponents?
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Can you use the distributive property to help you expand and factor expressions?


How can algebraic expressions be simplified?

In many ways. It really depends on the algebraic expression. If several terms are added/subtracted, you can usually combine similar terms (terms that have the same combination of variables). If variables are multiplied, you can combine the same variable, adding the corresponding exponents. Sometimes expressions get simpler if you factor them; sometimes you have to multiply out (in other words, the opposite of factoring). Quite frequently, you have to use a combination of methods to simplify expressions. Take an algebra book, and look at some of the examples.

Which of the two Properties of Exponents require that the base of the exponent be the same in order to use that property?

i don no:(

How do you use Distributive Property to multiply 15 x 95?

You multiply 5x5 then 9x1.

How do you multiply 13 by any other number?

use disributive property

Can you use the product of powers property to multiply powers with different bases?


How to use distributive property to simplify expressions?

One way is that if the problem is 2(5+3) than you take the 2 and multiply by 5 and then you take the 2 and multiply it by the 3. 2x5=10 and 2x3=6 so you would take 10+6 which is the answer and if the problem says to evaluate the expression,you would add 10 and 6 which is 16! With expressions that have variables, you would do the same thing. For example, with th problem 2(n+3) ,the answer would automatically be 2n+6 (the 6 is there because 2x3=6)

How do you do the distributive property?

An example of how to use the distributive property: If you have 6x(5+4) you multiply 6x by 5 and get 30x. Then you multiply 6x by 4 and get 24x and then you would have 30x+24x which = 54x

How would you use the distributive property to multiply 15x95?

You wouldn't. if it was something like 15(X-95) then you could use the distrubutive property but that is just a multiplication problem

When do you use associative property?

When you add or multiply, you can group the numbers together in any combination.

Do you simplify while using the distributive property to write an expression?

the distributive property is only used when simplifying expressions or solving an equation: to write an expression just translate the question into symbols and letters - you don't need to use the distributive property or any other property for that

How do use the quotient of powers property to simpilfy an expression leaving no negative exponents?

Oh I hate these! I have quiz tomorrow on them, which stinks. Im in pre-algebra though

How do you multiply integers using Pemdas operation?

PEMDAS is an acronym of the order in which operations must be carried out: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Divisin, Addition and Subtraction. You cannot use PEMDAS to multiply, since it is not an operation. give an example.

What is the brief explanation of the concept Timeshare Selling?

A Timeshare is a property form of ownership or use rights. These property are typically resort condominium units, in which multiply parties hold rights to use property, and each sharer is allotted a period of time.

How are the laws of rational exponents similar to laws of integer exponents?

The laws of exponents work the same with rational exponents, the difference being they use fractions not integers.

How do you use distributive property to multiply mentally 45 times 280?


How does a carpenter use exponents?

A carpenter won't usually have much use for exponents, or other advanced math topics.

Which expressions do walther and Ruth use to refer to their apartment?

They use as expressions the words small, timeworn and clean

How many different ways can you use the digits 3 and 5 to write expressions in exponential form and what are the expressions?

how many different ways can you use the digits 3 and to write expressions in exponential form/ what are the expressions

What is 10000000000 to the hundredth power?

To calculate this, write the number as a power of ten, and use the fact that when you raise a power to a power, you simply multiply the exponents. (10^10)100 = 10^20

What is the keyboard macro for making exponents?

there are no keys for exponents, but you use this ^. its used for online classes.

What type of math do opthamologist use?

They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely sure! :-/ They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely sure! :-/ They normally use exponents, scientific notation and factoring.....i think but not entirely sure! :-/

How can you use your knowledge of GCF and the distributive property to write equivalent expressions?

24 + 36 = (2 x 12) + (3 x 12) = 5 x 12 = 60

What property of equality would you use to solve y divided by 7 equals 28?

Multiply both sides by 7.

If you know that 7x8 equals 56 how can you use the commutative property of multiplication to find the product of 8x7?

it any number can multiply by the same its commutative