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Reflexive property

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Q: What property justifies 412 equals 412?
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Which property justifies 3x-6 equals 17?

There is no property that justifies it. The equation is true for some values of x, not for others.

Which property of equality justifies the statement If y plus 7 equals 9 then y equals 2?

Substitution property.

Which property justifies the following statement if W plus -8 equals 16 then w plus -8 plus 8 equals 16 plus 8?

It is the property that equals plus equals are equals.

Which property justifies that 4 times 37 times times 25 equals 4 times 25 times 37?

The commutative property.

What is the properties that justifies 3x plus 1 equals 1 plus 3x?

It is called the commutative property, a + b = b + a

What is 634-412 equals?


what- choose the property of equality that justifies the step.?


What is 412-166 equals?


What is 412 mm equals what in inches?

412 millimeters is 16.22 inches.

What 23 plus 412 equals?

It equals 435

What times what equals 412?


How many fours go into 412?

412 divided by 4 equals 103.

Which axiom justifies the statement RS equals RS?


What property that justifies 5 times bracket x-4 bracket equals 5x-20?

If you mean: 5(x-4) = 5x-20 then both expressions are equivalent

What is 412-345 equals to?


What action would you use to solve x 4 16 what property justifies that action?

x*4 = 16Divide both sides by 4 to give x = 4Equals multiplied by equals are equal.

Is 412 divisible by 4?

Yes, evenly 103 times

What is 174 plus 238 equals?

174 + 238 = 412

412 centimeters equals how many meters?

Divide by 100

412 cm equals how much meters?

4.12 meters

What is a equivalent fraction for 412?

412/1 is an equivalent fraction.

what- chose the property of equality that justifies the step. prove: if 10x +5= 2x-11, then x=-2?


31.53 divided by 4.12 equals?


Which postulate of algebra justifies the statement 2x3x-1 6x2-2x for all values of x is it Multiplicative property or Distributive property or Associative property?

2x(3x-1) = 6x2-2x because of the distributive property.

What property is x equals y and y equals 10 then x equals 10?

transitive property