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It is called the commutative property, a + b = b + a

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Q: What is the properties that justifies 3x plus 1 equals 1 plus 3x?
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Which property justifies 3x-6 equals 17?

There is no property that justifies it. The equation is true for some values of x, not for others.

What is 3x plus 5y equals 16 plus -3x -6y equals -15?


3x plus 2y equals 4 -3x plus 4y equals -10?

(2, -1)

Are y equals -3x plus 2 and y plus 3x equals 4 parallel?

Their graphs are.

What postulate justifies 3x plus 3 equals 3x plus 1?

Assuming the question to mean 3*x+3 = 3*(x+1) The reverse, ie 3*(x+1) = 3*x + 3*1 is known as the distributive property of multiplication over addition.

What is the difference between y equals 3x plus 5 and 6 equals 3x plus 5?

what is a slope

3x equals 1.2 plus 1.2 plus 1.2?

3x = 1.2 + 1.2 + 1.2 3x = 3.6 x = 1.2 If 'x' equals 1.2, then that's a true statement.

What is the answer to 3x plus 9?

3x plus 9 equals what?

What is 3x plus 2 equals 3x plus 6?

3x + 2 = 3x + 6 This is not possible.

What are the three consecutive numbers in the equation 3x plus 3x plus 3 plus 3x plus 9 equals 162?

50, 53, 59

2x plus 3x equals?

2x+3x = 5x

What is the slope intercept form for y equals 3x plus 3?

y equals 3x plus 3 is slope intercept form.

2x plus 3x plus 6 equals?

2x + 3x + 6 = 5x + 6

Y equals 4X2 plus 3x plus 8?


What is the answer do this matrix in arbitrary form 3x-6y-z equals 6 and x plus y plus 3x equals 5?

It is a singular matrix.

7x plus 4 equals 3x plus 16 equals?


WHAT DOES 100 equals 3x plus 6x plus 10 equals?


If 2x plus 3x equals 5x 2k plus 3k equals?


What best describes the following equation 3x plus 14 equals 3x plus 24?


Find the solution 3x-3y equals 12 and 3x plus y equals 8?


Put the equation x2 plus 3x plus 7 equals 6x plus 18 in the form ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

x^2 + 3x + 7 = 6x + 18 x^2 - 3x - 11 = 0

What is x if 8x plus 3x plus 6 equals 24 plus 9x?

X equals 9.

Is 3x plus 5y equals 12 perpendicular to 5x plus 3y equals 18?


What is the answer to negative 6x plus 9 equals 9-3x?

the answer is -3x = 0

How do you write y equals 3x plus 1?

y = 3x + 1