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Rectangles. (Which includes squares.)

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Q: What quadrilaterals have all adjacent sides perpendicular?
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What quadrilaterals have all adjacent sides are perpendicular?

Square & Rectangle are the only two. Rhombus (diamond) & parallelogram have adjacent sides, but no 90 degree angles (not perpendicular).

Does a square have adjacent sides that are perpendicular?

yes, in a sq. or a rec. , all adjacent sides are perpendicular

Are all sides perpendicular in a rectangle?

Adjacent sides are perpendicular. Opposite sides are parallel.

Name the perpendicular adjacent sides in the triangle?

all the sides

Can you answer which quadrilaterals have their diagonals perpendicular?

The most obvious types of quadrilaterals that have perpendicular diagonals are those with two pairs of adjacent sides the same length - squares, rhombuses, and "kite" shapes.These are all special cases of "orthodiagonal" quadrilaterals. All orthodiagonal quadrilaterals will adhere to the rule that the sum of the squares of the lengths of two opposite (nonadjacent) sides will equal the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides; for successive sides of lengths a, b, c, and d, we have:a2 + c2 = b2 + d2This formula will be true for all orthodiagonal quadrilaterals and any quadrilateral for which this is true will be orthodiagonal (i.e. the diagonals will be perpendicular).

Which quadrilaterals have two pairs of adjacent sides equal but not all sides equal?

Kites or arrowheads.

Which quadrilaterals have perpendicular bisecting diagonals?

All quadrilaterals have intersecting diagonals.Some symmetric quadrilaterals have perpendicularly bisecting diagonals.Equilateral parallelogramsof which the square is a special case...and the kite where two pairs of adjacent sides are the same length has one diagonal perpendicularly bisected by the other

What four sided figure that all adjacent sides are perpendicular?

A square.

Which quadrilaterals have all sides congruent and no sides perpendicular?

A rhombus has all sides congruent with no sides *necessarily* perpendicular. Normally a square is considered a kind of rhombus. So the answer would be "non-square rhombus."

Which quadrilaterals always have diagonally adjacent angles?

All quadrilaterals have diagonally adjacent angles.

What flag contains perpendicular line segments?

Adjacent sides of the flags of all nations are perpendicular line segments.

What shape has all adjacent sides are perpendicular?

im not sure, but i think it might be a trapezoid

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