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Q: What quantity that can have more than one value?
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How do you spell quantity?

That is the correct spelling of "quantity" (numerical amount).

Velocity provides information about what?

Velocity is a vector quantity, which means it is made up of more than one numeric value. Velocity vectors must contain information on speed and direction.

Does every scalor quantity has no direction or more than one?

Scalar quantities do not have direction.

What is five more than the quantity of a number minus six?

The number minus one.

A letter or symbol that may take one or more than one value?


Is mass classified as a vector quantity or a scalar quantity?

Mass is a scalar quantity, because it is a constant value no matter where you are, no matter what direction you are heading. Your mass on Earth will be equal to than on Jupitor or in space in general, the weight is the one that changes. (vector)

Can a variable can hold more than one value at any given moment in time?

A variable can not hold more than one value at any given moment in time. It would have only one. If you wanted more than one value, you would have to make the variable an array.

Why is speed classified as a scalar quantity and velocity classifed as a vector quantity?

Vectors have speed AND direction. Speed is classified as a scalar quantity because it only has magnitude (numerical value and unit of measurement) such as 50 mi/h. Velocity is classified as a vector quantity because it has magnitude and direction, 50 mi/h north. By including direction, you are giving more information than a scalar quantity (requiring one unit).

What can you use to show that one quantity is greater than another quantity?

You use the "greater than" symbol, > .

A relation may assign more than one output value to one of its input value?


Can there be more than one mean in a set of numbers?

No. But there can be more than one data point which has the same value as the mean for the set of numbers. Or there can be none that take the mean value.

What is the numerical value when unit is equals to the physical quantity?

1 (one).