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Q: What recursive formulas represents the same arithmetic sequence as the explicit formula an 5 n - 12?
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What has the author Adler written?

Adler has written: 'Existential formulas in arithmetic' -- subject(s): Recursive functions, Diophantine analysis

Is arithmetic learn without using formulas?

Of course. Formulas are not encountered until the student progresses from arithmetic to algebra.

Do spreadsheets make learning arithmetic unnecessary?

Although spreadsheets can provide formulas, you will need to be able to explain the formula. Spreadsheets do help in learning arithmetic, which is a key component in understanding how to input formulas in a spreadsheet.

Arithmetic operator that divides contents of cell?

The / is used for division in spreadsheet formulas.

What you mean by arithmetic mensuration?

mensuration means formulas for computing areas and volumes

Which of the following recursive formulas represents the same geometric sequence as the formula an 2 n - 1?

If you want to ask questions about the "following", then I suggest that you make sure that there is something that is following.

Which of the following formulas represents a molecular compound?

SO2no it is BeF2 because molecular formulas have a metal and a nonmetal

Which one of the formulas represents an Aldehyde?


Which of the following formulas represents a diatomic molecule?


What is the difference between an arithmetic sequence and a geometric sequence?

In an arithmetic sequence the same number (positive or negative) is added to each term to get to the next term.In a geometric sequence the same number (positive or negative) is multiplied into each term to get to the next term.A geometric sequence uses multiplicative and divisive formulas while an arithmetic uses additive and subtractive formulas.

What formula represents a mixture?

The answer is LiCL(Aq)

Cell references in formulas must be entered in uppercase and spaces cannot be added before or after arithmetic operators?

Formulas can be entered in any case, but after entering them they will convert to uppercase. Spaces can also be entered with no problems, and the formulas will still work.

Which of the following formulas represents a nonpolar molecule?


Which pair of formulas represents the same compound?

CH3COH(CH3)2; (Ch3) 3COH

Is percent valid arithmetic for Excel?

It is not an operator but the percent sign can be used in formulas in Excel like this: = 5% * 10

How can explicit formulas be used to determine specific terms in a sequence?

Substitute the numerical value of the position of the specific term in the equation and evaluate the result.

What formulas cs2 bai2 n2o4 pcl3 represents an ionic compound?


What formulas represents an ionic compound. CO2 CaCl2 H2O Br2?


What represents compounds?

Chemical formulas such as H2O or NaCl represent compounds.

Pentane Methane Propane Octane Which of these chemical formulas represents the formula for C3H8?


Which one of the following formulas represents an aldehyde C6HtenO5 C2H4O C2H5OH CH3COOH?


What formulas represents a non popular molecule N2 H2O NaCl HCl?


Which of the following represents a molecular compound Xe ZnO SO2 BeF2?

ZnO, SO2 andBeF2 aremolecular formulas.

What is the symbol for watts?

The letter W represents the electrical value used in formulas involving wattage.

Formulas accurately represents the binary ionic compound formed between magnesium and chlorine?


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