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Q: What region of the chord does a parasympathetic fiber originate?
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Is acetylcholine the substance released by axonal endings of the somatic efferent fibers and by the parasympathetic nerve fiber endings?

Yes, it does. In contrast, the sympathetic nerves release adrenaline

A group of myelinated fiber may form a region of nerve tissue called?

White matter

The centromere is a region in which?

The centromere is the most condensed and constricted region of a chromosome, to which the spindle fiber is attached during mitosis.

Need to replace dashboard lights 1993 MB 190E?

if I am not mistaken, the lights in the dash are from fiber-optic lines that go to the switches from the cluster lights. also originate from the rheostat in cluster.

Why are sympathetic responses generally widespread?

Sympathetic responses are more widespread because of the way the efferent nerves (from spinal cord outward) are positioned. The autonomic system has two neurons between its spinal cord and the organ that it is modulating whereas the somatic system has only one. The difference between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic is that in the case of sympathetic, the first nerve out of the spinal cord, called the preganglionic fiber is extremely short and ends relatively close to the spinal cord. Here, the preganglionic fiber synapses with on average of 10 postganglionic fibers which then moves onto effect a variety of different organs. On the other hand, in the parasympathetic division the preganglionic nerve are extremely long and extends until it is almost at the organ. From there, it synapses with a very short post-synaptic nerve that then synapses an organ. The ratio in this case can be about 1:3 but usually is 1:1. To sum things up, in the sympathetic division, the preganglionic fiber terminates very early and therefore has the "opportunity" to interact with a variety of nerves. On the other hand, the parasympathetic division has such a long preganglionic fiber that by the time it synapses its post ganglionic fiber, it is pretty much at the organ. NE and epinephrine are secreted into the blood as part of the sympathetic response.

What are the rough parts of fruits and vegetables called?


What are A fiber B fiber and C fiber?

B-fiber are DULL PAIN!

What is the difference between step index and graded index optical fiber?

1. Step index fiber is of two types viz; mono mode fiber and multi mode fiber. Graded index fiber is of only of one type that is multi mode fiber. 2. The refractive index of the core of the step index fiber is constant through out the core. The refractive index of the core of the graded index fiber is maximum at the center of the core and then it decreases towards core-cladding interface. 3. Number of modes for step index fiber N = V2/2, where V is cut off frequency or normalized frequency or V- number Number of modes for graded index fiber is N = V2/ 4. 4. V number can be less that 2.405 or more that 2.405 for step index fiber V number is always more than 2.405 for graded index fiber. 5. Step Index Fiber is a fiber in which the core is of a uniform refractive index and there is a sharp decrease in the index of refraction at the cladding. Graded Index Fiber is a type of fiber where the refractive index of the core is lower toward the outside of the fiber. It bends the rays inward and also allows them to travel faster in the lower index of refraction region. This type of fiber provides high bandwidth capabilities.

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The fibers help in the movement action of the gut. They actually aid in "peristalsis" the movement of the food in the gut and they maintain the flow of food in the gut region.

Is silk a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber?

a natural fiber

Is acrylic a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber?

Synthetic Fiber

Difference between a cellulosic manufactured fiber and a synthetic manufactured fiber?

synthetic fiber is a man made fiber & cellulosic fiber is a natural fiber. synthetic is a stronger than natural fiber. synthethic is used in tyer,airoplain etc.