What s 196 over 5929 simplified?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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It is: 4/121

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Q: What s 196 over 5929 simplified?
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It is: 90/96 = 15/16 simplified

What s fifty over 100 simplified?

It is 1/2

What is 15 over 18 simplified?

it is 6 over 5 or one and a fifth. because both #s are divisable by 3.

Is 42 over 147 simplified?

42/147 = 2x21/7x21= 2/7

What is 36 over 45 's simplest form?

It is: 36/45 = 4/5 simplified

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simplified the answer would be 7and 3 7's. I got that by taking 52 and dividing it by 7and putting the left over amount over 7.

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What is 70 over 140 when simplified?

0.5 or in integers 1/2. Cancel out the 0's so you have 7/14. Then simplify to 1/2

What s the simplified expression of 287?

what is radical 2

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