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Any factor between 0 and 1.

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Q: What scale factor is appropriate for reduction?
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A dilation is a reduction if the scale factor is?

A diliation is a reduction if the scale factor is: less than 1.

What is the scale factor for the reduction of an equilateral triangle that was 6 inches then reduced to 2 inches?

The scale factor is 3:1

Sometimes a dilation is an enlargement and sometimes it is a reduction. Explain what types of numbers for scale factors causes each.?

A scale factor whose absolute value is greater than one is an enlargement whereas if the absolute value is less than 1 it is a reduction.

How do you dilate a scale factor?

You increase the scale factor.

How does a scale factor relate to a scale factor?


What are the relationship between the area scale factor and the side length scale factor of similar figures?

The area scale factor is the square of the side length scale factor.

How does scale factor relate to perimeter?

Scale factor and perimeter are related because if the scale factor is 2, then the perimeter will be doubled. So whatever the scale factor is, that is how many times the perimeter will be enlarged.

What is the scale factor of a 3 sided shape?

1 shape cannot have a scale factor. A scale factor is something (a factor) that relates one shape to another.

Applications of reduction factor of tangent galvanometer?

reduction factor is used to find earth's magnetic field and compare galvanometer constants

What is the name of the common ratio of corresponding sides of similar figures?

The scale factor.The scale factor.The scale factor.The scale factor.

How do you find a scale factor?

A scale Factor is Algbrea so you have to... x - + and/or divided.

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles