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You need different tools these measurements.

For mass you want a scale or balance.

You can only use the same tool for length and volume (a ruler, caliper or similar) if the object you are measuring is a well defined solid with known geometric shape.

Otherwise you will have to perform a measuring experiment for example put the object you want to determine the volume of in a graduated cylinder, pour a known volume of liquid into the cylinder, read the volume and subtract to determine the object's volume.

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Q: What scientific tool do you use for measuring length volume and mass?
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What are the tools used for measuring in science?

Length, Mass, Volume, Density.

What units do we use for length volume and mass?

The units for the volume if you are measuring any liquid or solid is metre^3/cm^3 as density = mass/volume. The units for mass is grams

What are the SI units for measuring volume length and mass?

For volume, cubic units are used.For length, m / cm/km/ mm is used.For mass, g/kg/mg is used.

What is the basic unit for measuring data?

There are different units for measuring different characteristics: mass, weight, length, area, volume, temperature and so on.

Is metric or ton are same?

No. "Metric" refers to a system of measurement - of mass, length, volume etc. Tonne is a unit for measuring mass.

Which tools measure length volume and mass and their units?

-- Length is measured by rulers; they are often wood. -- Volume is measured by measuring cups; they are usually glass. -- Mass is most often measured by a laboratory balance; they are metal.

What is the density of an object with a mass of 90 grams and a volume of 30 cm?

Volume cannot be measured in cm since that is a unit for measuring length.

What is the advantage in measuring with vernier caliper and the micrometer?

My mooom and the advantage in meausurung with vernier caliper and the micro meter is grams mass length volume and all that measuring stuff

Is matter made of mass or volume?

Mass. Volume is a way of measuring 3D objects.

What are two system of measuring matter?

mass and volume

Is a meterstick a metric unit?

No a meterstick is a tool used for measuring..mass, volume, time, length, and temperature are all metric units

What is the formula for measuring volume and mass in irregular shapes?

There is no formula for measuring the volume of irregular shapes. The mass can be measured by using a weighing scale.