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If a number consists of a series of non repeating and non terminating digits then it is irrational.

A particularly well known example is that of pi (which is an irrational number representing the proportion between the diameter of a circle and its circumference).

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Q: What set of numbers contain nonrepeating and nonterminating decimals?
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Positive or negative decimals that are nonterminating and nonrepeating or have a pattern in their digits but do not repeat exactly are?

Irrational numbers.

What is a non-terminating number?

A nonterminating number does not end. An example is the fraction 1/3. When written as a decimal, it is a nonterminating number. Also pi is a nonterminating number. Some nonterminating numbers are repeating, some are nonrepeating. But they just don't end.

Are all nonterminating decimals irrational numbers?

Not at all. 0.33333... nonterminating = 1/3 rational 0.66666... nonterminating = 2/3 rational 0.1428571428... nonterminating = 1/7 rational 0.55555... nonterminating = 5/9 rational

What is the difference of the whole numbers and decimals number?

Whole numbers contain no fractional part as do decimals

Are irrational numbers nonterminating?


Why are whole numbers integers?

Because they do not contain decimals

Is the quotient of 5 and -30 an integer or a rational number?

The quotient of 5 and negative 30 is both. Rational numbers and integers include many of the same numbers. Integers are positive and negative counting numbers, but rational numbers include nonrepeating decimals and fractions.

What are the definitions of integers?

Integers are whole numbers that do not contain fractions or decimals

How many numbers between 1 and 100 contain a 3?

19 whole numbers, and infinitely many fractions and decimals

What are terminating and non terminating numbers in rational numbers?

Terminating numbers are decimal representations of rational numbers. Nonterminating numbers may or may not be rational numbers.

How do you write decimals as numbers?

Decimals are numbers.

Can a fraction be in an ordered pair?

An ordered pair can contain any valid numbers - integers, fractions, decimals, or even complex numbers.