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If the angle is over 90 degrees the angle is obtuse, smaller than 90 degrees the angle is acute and over 180 degress the angle is a reflex angle

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Q: What shape angles names and what do they look like?
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What do all polygons look like with their names?

They are named for the number of sides and angles their shape posses. For example, an octagon has both eight sides and angles.

What does a quadrangle look like?

A quadrangle is a shape with 4 angles, such as a square, rectangle, or paralellogram. A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral.

What does a iregular shape look like?

An irregular shape can be any number of different angles. Irregular simply means its not regular, in other words, it's sides and angles are not all the same size.

What shape does one acute angle two obtuse angles and two right angles make?

A pentagon. It could look like a child's outline of a house.

What will your garden look like if the shape is quadrilateral and has two pairs of matching parallel sides and no right angles?

a rhombus

What does a irregular pentagon look like?

An irregular pentagon is a five sided shape. This shape will have sides of differing lengths and interior angles of differing magnitudes.

What does a polygon look like?

A polygon is a shape in which every site is a line segment. It can have any number of sides and any number of angles, but always has the same number of sides as it has angles..

Is the size of the angles inside a pentagon the same as the angles inside a decagon?

NO because if you look at the shape it is different.

Is it possible for a four-sided figure to have two right angles but no parallel lines?

Yes, it would look like the standard kite shape.

What do left angles look like?

there is no such thing as left angles.

What does a kite shape look like?

It is a quadrilateral shape because it has 4 sides and it has 2 pairs of adjacent sides that are equal with 1 pair of opposite angles being equal and its diagonale are perpendicular.

What does a heptagon look like?

A heptagon is a 7 sided polygon whose interior angles add up to 900 degrees.